Wednesday, January 7, 2009

.: School field :.

Lying there after school.

# Hi, what are you doing?
~ Looking at the sky.
# Why?
~ If you join me, I might tell you.
# So, will you tell me why?
~ Why do you think?
# I don't know. Maybe you like to see the clouds sailing.
~ I do. But it's not because of that.
# Are you telling me?
~ People always ask me this question. Don't you look at the sky sometimes?
# Yes. Just to check the weather.
~ Do you wonder whether at this moment, someone, somewhere is looking at the sky and wondering of the exact same thing?
# Never thought of that.
~ I know. Like well, at least I think most people don't.
# Why does this fascinate you?
~ I don't know. It just does.
# Then, there is no point.
~ Why did you come and ask me questions?
# Because I wanted to know what are you doing.
~ Why?
# I just want to know. Is that wrong?
~ No. That's the same thing, right?
# But you will never know whether that someone exist.
~ I never said the person exist. That's why I said I wonder.
# Don't you want to know? If there is such a person?
~ Are you looking at the sky?
# Yes.
~ :)

The stranger left earlier than I did. I never got to know who the person was. I don' t even know how the person looked like because I was too absorbed with my thoughts and the sky. Now, if only I can find a field where I can lie down on my own, without getting awkward stares or any intrusions.

The clouds are poofy today.
9.20pm Malaysian Time
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