Monday, April 11, 2011

.: Beyond imperfections :.

Lexical muse.

Do you remember this incident that happened when you were barely 6 years old? You were terribly upset with me over something, and in your uncontrollable state, you went as far as saying I'm a bad father and you never want to see me again. Not knowing what to do with you, I locked you out of the house.

The moment I shut the door, you started crying incessantly. After seeing you undergo what seemed like a torturous ordeal and hearing you relentlessly and earnestly say, "please and sorry", it mellowed my temper. I eventually opened the door and let you in. Even when I was consoling you, asking you to stop crying and saying that I've forgiven you, you just kept on apologizing to me until you fell asleep out of exhaustion.

Do you remember what I told you after that?

There are three words you can never use too much. Those words are Please, Sorry and Thank you. However, as quick as you were to realize your error, always remember that whatever that comes out from you is like releasing an arrow from the bow. Once released, you can't take it back. So please be careful with your choice of words.

My dad.

These days I often hear kids using vulgar words as if it's an ingrained vocab in their daily speech, whereby more often than not, they have no inkling of what those words mean. Doesn't help when their surroundings don't hinder, but it fact encourage them to use those words, often on the pretext that it's beyond anyone's control. Such practices are detrimental to society. Do we really want to breed a generation of potty mouths?

Along came the skeptics.
1.53pm Malaysian Time

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.: Compounded stillness :.

Universiti Putra Malaysia mosque.

A public university located in Serdang.

There's just something captivating about praying in the mosque. Maybe it has something to do with the spirit of camaraderie one gets by knowing that someone else is praying alongside, or maybe it has something to do with the tranquil feeling one gets in seeing others praying, reciting the
Qur'an or supplicating to Allah.

Seeing all that, has in some ways reinforce the belief in Islam and the ummah, as well as provide the much needed encouragement to constantly strive to become a better
Muslim, or in my case, a better practicing Muslimah.

Overridden priorities.
10.57am Malaysian Time