Monday, June 30, 2008

.: A walk in the park :.

And a stroll in my life.

Friday. Another day of exploring the city. Went to Bank of China *I did.* Then to the Chinese temple nearby *it was closed* And walked all the way to KLCC. It's not that far but I did break a sweat. all because of the scorching heat. *that's Malaysian weather conditions for you... gotta love it* I wasn't in the disposition to emulate first time day-trippers to Malaysia thus explains why I didn't take any photos of the surroundings.

The picture above was essentially taken at Country Heights, taken months back. A bit outdated. But it emits a surreal atmosphere. Haven't been having that for quite some time. *which reminds me... I have to make it a point to go home one of these days...*

Owh, so I had finally come clean with my decision and I'm relieved to declare that all that is well, ends well. ^^ There are still a few hiccups nevertheless, everything has turned out for the best and I'm truly grateful for it. A friend of mine once told me to always aim for the stars. I'm not good at aiming plus I don't have a near to 20/20 vision. And why do you want to shoot at massive exploding balls of hydrogen and helium? *do you detect the mockery?* Yet I always thought that even if I miss the stars, at least I made it a point to try and that shall suffice. *it's always a 'thrill' to 'pop' someone's gas*

So this entry is basically a bit of everything. From my escapade to uhh... gas? Haha! *sorry, the side effects are kicking in...*

"My life is a battle." --- Voltaire
12noon Malaysian Time

Friday, June 27, 2008

.: The saga continues :.

" A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... "

As a continuation to my saga, Alhamdulillah, the options are narrowed down now. *does anyone bother to read this in the first place? Hah!* Many thanks to those that were concerned about me. ^^

To cut a long story short, I haven't gotten the time to blog more on this. Adrenalin's oozing out and I'm rushing off for something else. Generally, deep down I am gratified with the outcome.

Thus ends my crawl.
10.49am Malaysian Time

Monday, June 23, 2008

.: Dazed and confused :.


One paragraph. Yet again, indecisiveness got the best of me. Haven't always taken a liking to making decisions. Without a doubt, I had my conclusion. Thing is, something cropped up, my mind goes into the information overdrive mode and I am deliberating on the whole situation again. Under this circumstance, I would love to cut loose instead of being in a state of utmost anxiety. Spare me the prep talk. I had tonnes of it over the weekend.

One sentence. My mind is totally messed up.

One word. Blah. *uhh... is that a word to begin with?* Perhaps 'Crap' is more likely.

"You think too much" ... what can I say. It's written all over me. Crap.

I'll sleep on it.
2.17pm Malaysian Time

Saturday, June 21, 2008

.: Indecisiveness :.

How I loathe it.

Here I am. Having to make the decision that shall alter my passage of life. *big words coming from a puny person... and no, this is not about marriage* To assist me in making my final decision, I consulted my family and close friends followed by the SWOT analysis. *I had a brilliant management lecturer then*


It's at the tip of my tongue and the top of my head. It may or may not be the wisest choice, but at least it comes from me. In any case, I am fortunate to be given ample options unlike others.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

From day one. ^^
4.09 pm Malaysian Time

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

.: Winds of change :.

Beyond the facade.

It's amazing how we tend to miss out the little things in life just because we are excessively caught up with the bigger things that are not essentially important to begin with.

Then there's the time when we focus so much on the little things in life that we never get to see the bigger picture.

The paradox is that I may be quoting this now indicating that I am indeed fully aware of it yet due to my meticulousness in scrutinizing, I fail to realize this most of the time. Consequently, I am bound to repeat the process again and again. Call me daft but to err is after all human. *to admit that I'm deft is mere arrogance*

As I took this picture, I can't help but recall a quote I read when I was a kid. *my memory was exceptional then... haha!*

"The tree that does not bend with the wind, will be broken by the wind."
I can't remember the source. It was from one of my Chinese parables books. My family exposed me to parables, fables, quotes, poetry and the likes of it at a young age... perhaps they believed that it'll shape my personality. *I do admit that up till now, I still enjoy literature reading...*
The winds of change is always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away.

Willie Nelson
A young person at heart with the leisure pursuits of an old hag. *pfftt*

11.46pm Malaysian Time

Friday, June 13, 2008

.: Irving Karchmar :.

Poet, Writer, Editor and a Darvish.

In all honesty, I've always been fond of proverbs, quotes and poems. Used to have an anthology of my self written pieces stashed somewhere at home. These days, I hardly have the muse to pen my own. *this is NOT a fib*

By some means, I stumbled into Irving Karchmar's blog and was instantaneously taken by his delicate poetry creations. To describe his prose would be he has the prowess to magically weave the
beautiful emotions to create profound poetry. And I am particularly fond of this piece.

Love’s Caravan

Why all this talk of buying and selling?
What you need is already inside you.

Love’s caravan is ready to depart, O merchant,
The camels are laden with treasures untold

Come! Bargains are to be found on the Way.
All you possess in exchange for nothingness.

Sell all you have in the world’s marketplace
In exchange, receive only the love of the Friend.

Earthly jewels are but shining baubles
His jewels are the stars without end

Tarry no longer, the blessed sun rises!
This is the hour when travelers depart

Alhamdulillah! A thousand surprises
Await on the path of the Heart.

- Irving Karchmar, August 2007

Loads of gratitude goes to Irving for allowing me to feature it.

Do you fancy a ride?

8.22pm Malaysian Time

Thursday, June 12, 2008

.: Three am :.


Slept rather early today. Only to wake up abruptly. Nothing unusual.

Nit is up and running about. Sheepishly putting on that playful act of hers so that I'll give her a treat. *which I succumbed to ... I'm weak ... haha!* Lately, I've been feeding her by hand coz she hasn't been eating right ever since the demise of her sister. But she's slowly recovering from it. No rush. ^^

The doctor said that she's one of the causes for my allergies to act up. As if I'll let that stop me from keeping her. By all means, I choose to force those ghastly medication down my throat and endure the allergic reactions than to let her go. Period.

Am I being silly?

4.27am Malaysian Time

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

.: Malarkey talk :.

Mind your manners.

My mum called. Somehow she found out that I'm going hiking at Gunung Ansi (Mount. Ansi) located at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. Our conversation were...
Mum: "I heard you are going hiking..."
Me: "Yeah..."
Mum: "You can't go."
Me: "Why ... ?"
Mum: "Because you have never gone hiking before..."
Me: "Ehh... you do recall that I used to go hiking... camping... and etc. when I was in school right ... ?"
Mum: "You did?"

Eventually, I never went for it. Bloody English weather. Haha. There was a heavy downpour much to my delight and I wasn't in the pink of health that day. In the end, I spent the whole day slouching like nobody's business. Haha.

I can be so lazy. ^^
2.55pm Malaysian Time

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

.: السلام عليكم :.

Peace be upon you.

I've been quite busy lately, thus explains my hiatus from the blogging world. Setting that aside, I haven't been writing Jawi for a long long time. I was rendered speechless when one of my friends asked whether I can translate a name in Jawi. Taking it as a challenge, tara! Looks like I still have the knack for it. ^^ I'm sure my mum will be flabbergasted to know that I still have it in me. *shocking!*

Reading and writing is not a problem. Understanding the language, in this sense Arabic is a totally different issue. A basic comprehension goes back to when I was in primary school thereby I have failed to comprehend over the years due to my lack of diligence. *shame on me ...*

Needless to say, bits and pieces are needed to assemble the puzzle. The sine qua non is that you ultimately have to start from somewhere, or scratch and that to know something is better than knowing nothing.

This is me. In Arabic & Jawi.

سيتي حجر فاطمة علوي


2.36pm Malaysian Time

Sunday, June 1, 2008

.: Dreary sunday :.

Writer's block.

I'm leaving ... on a jet plane ...

A new-fangled fad? Not exactly. After a hectic and arduous day yesterday, I anticipated a day of complete chilling out and ultimate idleness. Much to my dismay, the kick only lasted for 2 hours. ~Gya...!!! Clearly, I am still engulfed in weariness.

It is so much easier to walk away from a hurtful past than to confront the issues,. But we cannot remove the past from our hearts - it is there to stay. And the only hope for true peace with the past is to face it at its worst, to seek to forgive, to be forgiven, to make amends and to be reconciled.

Stephen Arterburn


Time for a siesta... pronto!
3.35pm Malaysian Time