Tuesday, June 17, 2008

.: Winds of change :.

Beyond the facade.

It's amazing how we tend to miss out the little things in life just because we are excessively caught up with the bigger things that are not essentially important to begin with.

Then there's the time when we focus so much on the little things in life that we never get to see the bigger picture.

The paradox is that I may be quoting this now indicating that I am indeed fully aware of it yet due to my meticulousness in scrutinizing, I fail to realize this most of the time. Consequently, I am bound to repeat the process again and again. Call me daft but to err is after all human. *to admit that I'm deft is mere arrogance*

As I took this picture, I can't help but recall a quote I read when I was a kid. *my memory was exceptional then... haha!*

"The tree that does not bend with the wind, will be broken by the wind."
I can't remember the source. It was from one of my Chinese parables books. My family exposed me to parables, fables, quotes, poetry and the likes of it at a young age... perhaps they believed that it'll shape my personality. *I do admit that up till now, I still enjoy literature reading...*
The winds of change is always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away.

Willie Nelson
A young person at heart with the leisure pursuits of an old hag. *pfftt*

11.46pm Malaysian Time

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