Sunday, December 28, 2014

.: Journey of Faith P2 :.

A continuation.

A little something to keep the spirits up:

  1. Recite ayatul kursi before you sleep to have your own personal bodyguard while sleeping.
  2. Raining time is a great time to make dua.  Every single rain drop has an angel bringing it down!
  3. The angels change shift during fajr and asr. So you can get double the reward for praying fajr and asr.
  4. Making others happy will make you happy. When you give to others, Allah will give to you back more!
  5. Life is a test. The test of prosperity is more difficult than the est of hardship.  Because more people seek Allah in time of hardship while more people drift away from Allah when they prosper.
  6. To be thankful for your wealth or children is to spend your wealth in the most pleasing way to allah and to teach your hildren to be obedient to Allah.
  7. The best way to spending money is in seeking knowledge. When you spend it for knowledge (either for yourself or others), Allah will increase your wealth.
  8. When there is no barakah in your wealth,  your money will easily flow out for useless reasons.
  9. If The Creator addresses Rasulullah s.a.w. with so much respect, then we should at least do the same
  10. Hadith explains the Quran
  11. Raising your voice in an argument is a sign that your agument is weak
  12. If you disrespect Rasulullah s.a.w,  then your deeds may be rejected
  13. The companions gave up their life so that we can get the clear message of Islam
  14. A lesson from Surah AlHujurat: Do not raise your voice above those of higher status (I.e., elders, teachers or those who hold position in society)
  15. We are living in this dunya temporarily and don't know when our passport will expire
  16. There are messengers who had very few followers, had only one follower and even had no follower at all. It was not their fault that their people do not accept Islam, rather it is the people's fault. Generally, people do not like to accept the truth that they consider strange.
  17. Do not care about numbers or result rather focus of the quality of our work
  18. If you obey most people on earth, they will indeed lead you astray (from Surah An'am)
  19. The truth is strange so only few people will accept it. The number of believers compared to disbelievers are like a white hair on a black bull during the Day of Judgement. Be among the few!
  20. Commit yourself to Allah, not to people
  21. Your happiest, best moments should be the moments of your obedience to Allah
  22. Even if you are alone, do not compromise tour deen regardless the pressure
  23. People now leave the sunnah but do the bidaah
  24. Are you a helper or a barrier for someone to become a Muslim? We are representing our deen whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not.
  25. You will never be successful or creative in the field of area that you don't like. You must pursue the field that you like.
  26. Believers should have the attitude of wanting to excel in halal matters better than others. Competitiveness in doing good deeds!
  27. If you supplicate to Allah, He will love you more. Inversely, if you don't ask Allah, He will be angry at you.
  28. When you lose something, always ask Allah to replace it with something better.
  29. Nothing else can prevent a pre-ordained calamity to befall unto you other than dua.
  30. You are on a battlefield against shaytaan. Always wear your armour! Recite the dzikr and duas in the morning and evening.
Reminding myself first before anyone else. 
8.45pm, Malaysian Time

Saturday, December 27, 2014

.: 多难兴邦 :.


A great calamity has befallen Malaysia, the country that I call home for now. More than 100,000 people in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak are gravely affected by massive floods and it is devastating to see the numbers and casualties increasing by the day. Efforts to provide relief are underway, yet one can't help but feel completely helpless.

For those who would like to channel funds, aids or any form of assistance, this Facebook page has compiled a comprehensive list of organisations to donate to: Blessed Gatherings KL

Let us set aside our differences and focus on being more compassionate and sympathetic towards the victims. Pray for their safety and may Allah S.W.T alleviate their sufferings, Allahumma ameen thumma ameen. 

Be concerned. Be human. 
6.47pm, Malaysian Time

Thursday, December 11, 2014

.: Journey of Faith P1 :.

A traveler's guide.

A dear sister of mine is currently attending the Journey of Faith 2014 course held by IMuslim. Alhamdulillah, she has been sharing the knowledge to fellow friends. May Allah reward her immensely for sharing the knowledge and may we benefit from it as well, Allahumma ameen thumma ameen. As she is sharing the knowledge on a daily basis, there may be subsequent posts on this. 

Here are some of the GEMS that I got from her (edited):
  1. To have eeman in Allah is to believe in Him, act upon your belief and utter your belief.
  2. Barakah is consistent goodness. 
  3. Sometimes Allah does not give you something right away because you are not ready for it.
  4. The main focus of dakwah is tawheed.
  5. Plant the seed of goodness. You never know when it will sprout.
  6. To worship Allah is to do things that will please Him, be it actions, words or anything.
  7. When we remember the blessings of Allah, we will become more obedient. Syukr!
  8. When we don't clean something for a long time, the stain will get harder to be removed. That's the same as our heart that needs constant cleaning.
  9. Constantly make tawbah, istighfar & remember Allah. Small deeds also cleanse the heart.
  10. When there are so many sins, then there are so much dirt, then the heart becomes dirty and sick. Thus the sinner becomes weakened and hard to do good deeds.
  11. Keep asking Allah for forgiveness via words and actions.
  12. Everyone makes mistakes. And the best people are those who repent to Allah after they make mistakes. Allah loves the ones who repent.
  13. A believer never falls into the same hole twice. He is either careful of that hole or takes another path.
  14. Everyone gets angry but you must control it. Hold it back.
  15. Be conscious of Allah.
  16. The 5 daily prayers, jumaah & ramadhan are our pitstops to remind ourselves and refuel ourselves with taqwa.
  17. Turn off your auto pilot. Don't make your ibadah as a mere routine without any reflection.
  18. The quality of your heart is reflected by the quality of your prayer!
  19. If our heart is clean & pure, then we will never get tired of Quran.
  20. Be confident in your dua. Know that Allah is not incapable of granting your dua. The One who can create the heavens and earth from nothing can definitely grant you anything.
  21. Ikhlas comes from the root word that means uncontaminated or pure. Let's keep our intention pure!
  22. When Allah gives you knowledge, He wants to see if you appreciate it When you appreciate it, Allah will increase it!
  23. Whoever seeks the path of knowledge,  Allah makes the path to paradise easy for him.
  24. Consistency in seeking knowledge is the biggest challenge. Have the intention to understand and act upon it.
  25. The gathering of knowledge is the inheritance of Prophet saws. Every moment of it is considered an ibadah.
  26. Arrogance is rejecting the truth when you know it's the truth & belittling others.
  27. If it is the truth, then you must accept it even if the person is less knowledgeable. That's the sign of humility.
  28. The power to have the right intention is incredible.
  29. No one knows what's inside your heart except for you and Allah.
  30. The key to reach nafs muthma'innah is you must be contented with what Allah has given you.
  31. To have the best relation with Allah, perfect your prayer.
  32. Please Allah before pleasing others. You can't actually please people without pleasing Allah.
  33. ASK - Just ask Allah. He is All Hearing.
  34. Nafs Muthma'innah: Love what Allah loves, Hate what Allah hates, spend in His way and hold tight to His rope.
  35. Make dua for beneficial knowledge, that is, a knowledge that will benefit you in dunya and akhirah. That you can reflect and apply, and not that you gain it to hurt others or for debate.
  36. Allah commands us to worship Him not because He needs our worship but because we need the worship.
  37. Regardless of how healthy, wealthy or influential you are, you will still need to depend on someone. But the creations will are not always dependable and will die. Thus depend on The Creator, The Ever Living, The Most Powerful.
  38. It is very, very disrespectful to Allah to ask His creations first before Him! You must first supplicate to Him then only seek His response and search for the means via His creations.
  39. The reason we don't depend on Allah is because our eeman is weak. We dont have enough conviction and dont have firm believe.
  40. Sabr is at the beginning of the calamity, not the end. Then take the necessary actions.
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