Sunday, July 29, 2012

.: Sunday tidbit :.

As though time stood still.

Shifted to the new environment. Things started off looking rather hazy for me, and somewhere in between, I begin to develop insecurities. I wasn't sure where I was heading to, and I wasn't sure what to anticipate. As though all I had was a rickety raft to hold on to as I allow myself to be drifted away into this peculiar and uncharted territory. 

Soon enough it was time for lunch. Took a walk along the pavements, and snatched one or two glances at a couple of shops. Walked a little further and found myself in an old neighbourhood. There were chickens running around and I saw an elderly Chinese lady wearing the traditional Chinese attire making her way to the market; an uncommon sight for me. From a distance. a cobbler sat at the sidewalk. Beads of sweat streamed down his face as he skillfully hammered the soles. And just like that I found myself surrounded by shops with old signboards. Had I somehow rather transported myself into a bygone era? 

Dramas aside, I walked back to where I came from. There I stood, at the crossroads between the bygone past and the subsequent future. Lost in thought until a boy with his brother rode a bicycle past me, smiling gleefully as they disappeared into the throngs of people. I suppose, life at the new place, will not be that boresome afterall.

Ramadan mubarak! :)
10.07pm Malaysian Time