Sunday, October 28, 2018

.: Meet My In-Laws :.

Not exactly.

We had gone over to Putrajaya to apply visas for my in-laws. Not sure of the outcome yet as they are still in the midst of processing the application. Plus I still need to provide them another document, which is pending on my employer's side. Other than that, I really hope the application goes through as it had been more than two years since my husband and I last met them.

I have to admit, I had the jitters prior to submitting the application. I was worried whether I had all the right documents and whether I would qualify as a sponsor. 

Alhamdulillah, things went far better than expected. We managed to get most of our documents ready in JB. When we went to Putrajaya, both the immigration and Wisma Putra officers were extremely helpful and our application was accepted that very morning. And I was assured that my combined income, from my employer and my writing gigs, would be sufficient to qualify me as a sponsor. 

I was elated. I am still elated. Never had I ever imagined things could go this smooth.

Now I just hope and pray that my employer sends the document soon so I can forward it to the immigration. 

Counting stars.
5.21pm, Malaysia Time