Monday, April 29, 2013

.: Elucidation of negligence :.

Lower region.

There are occasions when one chooses to shield others from noticing the very turmoil that goes within. Often, one does it with the perception that such a move would prevent others from unnecessary despair. But sometimes, does doing so means it invalidates the need for others to show even a meager amount of concern? 

Masks after masks, walls upon walls, it has come to the point that outsiders can no longer find their way to penetrate through, or rather, they can no longer find it in themselves to break through it, to peel off the layers to discover what lies beneath the opus of the gatekeeper - a fortified barrier, encasing the self. 

Recurring silence.
11.43am Malaysian Time

Sunday, April 21, 2013

.: Indelible impression :.

Of a certain yesterday.

Regular day at work. Armed with my pen and stapled pieces of rough paper, I approached the little boy. Reserved and apprehensive to a certain extent, he mellowed down after I spent a good 2 minutes coaxing him, indicating that I wouldn't take too much of his time. Wedged in between a couple of his 8-year-old cousins, I began the journey to venture down his train of thoughts. 

Halfway through, I begin to wonder, 

Just where does the sheer joy in the simplicity of life disappear to as soon as someone crosses over to adulthood?

And I reflected on the very thing that had bothered me recently. Something that was not out of the ordinary at all, but served as a haunting disturbance that consistently taunted me to probe my thoughts to the other side of the spectrum, with questions left unanswered.

In trying to find a way out, I questioned the 2 most crucial points I hold dearly ...

Where does my sincerity lies?

And can I salvage an ounce of gratitude beneath all the dirt and rubble?

Excessive thinking can at times cause destructive effects. 

Back to basics.
9.36pm Malaysian Time