Monday, April 29, 2013

.: Elucidation of negligence :.

Lower region.

There are occasions when one chooses to shield others from noticing the very turmoil that goes within. Often, one does it with the perception that such a move would prevent others from unnecessary despair. But sometimes, does doing so means it invalidates the need for others to show even a meager amount of concern? 

Masks after masks, walls upon walls, it has come to the point that outsiders can no longer find their way to penetrate through, or rather, they can no longer find it in themselves to break through it, to peel off the layers to discover what lies beneath the opus of the gatekeeper - a fortified barrier, encasing the self. 

Recurring silence.
11.43am Malaysian Time


Ghadeer said...

Good question.

It's funny because sometimes I am a little bit disappointed of the un-concern of others but I haven't even given them the chance to peek behind the masks.

Hajar Alwi said...

Ghadeer :: Nether have I. Rather, I have the inclination to perch at one end, in sheer anticipation to observe those gutsy enough to traverse the inexplicable journey into the abyss. :)