Thursday, February 7, 2019

.: 新年到,新年好 :.

New stage in life.

Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! 
May it be a year of prosperity, good health and lots of happiness. 


Before anybody starts asking me for red packets, I have to point out that K, despite being a Chinese from China, does not celebrate Chinese New Year. In fact, his family never celebrates it. Chinese New Year to them is just like any other day. Then again, they do not really celebrate any festivity, so this did not come as a surprise for me. Did that just blow your mind? 

So what did we do on Chinese New Year? We went out, met some friends, had a nice dinner with K's niece, and we slept. Even the firecrackers and fireworks failed to kick the sanity out of us. We heard the sounds, we disregarded it, and we went back to bed. Best sleep ever!

But we did host some friends the day before. We had hotpot. For a brief moment, it did feel like we were having our reunion dinner, except it was not dinner. What we had was a late lunch. 

The new stage in life? We are expecting something huge to kickoff this year, insha'Allah. Something that we have been praying for. Something that we have been yearning for. Something that would insha'Allah bring significant changes to our lives. 

No. It is not a baby. 

Or maybe it is. Figuratively.

Excited, yet nervous. 

Off to hunt for a mandarin orange.
9.37am, Malaysia Time