The Travelogue

Leaving a part of me wherever I go. 

When writing about traveling experiences, most people would write about the places of attractions that they go to, the food that they eat, shopping, expenses, lodging and probably about the amount of fun they had while traveling. 

As for me, my preference lies in writing about the country’s culture, lifestyle, people and quirky anecdotes, mostly areas where I believe could be taken as a wholesome learning experience. On most occasions, these experiences allow me to have a better understanding of the people around me as well as myself. 

Whether you are blessed with opportunities to travel or not, hopefully, these stories will inspire you to take a journey into yourself. 

Because believe it or not, the most important journey you ever have to take is to discover who you really are and be comfortable with it.

Travels in Vietnam

Travels in Taiwan

Travels in Singapore

Travels in Hong Kong

Travels in China

Travels in the UK

Travels in Europe

Travels in Saudi Arabia 

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