Friday, February 17, 2012

.: 爱国是信仰的一部分 :.

Patriotism is an act of faith.

When Imam Haji Abdul Hakim Liu Jingyi was a teenager, one of the most famous Arabic calligraphers in the Eastern part of China, Imam Cao Jin Zao, selected him as a student and he continued to learn and develop his calligraphy skills especially the Arabic calligraphy.

Having a solid foundation in Chinese and Arabic calligraphy study, he continued to pursue excellence through continuous and relentless practice and devotion. Haji Abdul Hakim used the traditional Chinese method and skill to write Arabic calligraphy. By judging the calligraphy techniques he used one can see that the Da-Kai style is impressive, rough and strong, the Zhong-Kai style is round, plump and graceful and the Xiao-Kai style is gentle, neat, smooth and as clear as silk.

Now, at the age of more than 80 years old, Haji Abdul Hakim has reached an outstanding level in both Chinese and Arabic calligraphy - a mastery level – and created style and masterpiece, which are uniquely his own and recognized internationally.

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Coincidentally met him and his jolly entourage when I was at the book fair. Managed to snap some photos with them and put my rusty Mandarin into practice - Beijing style. The most enchanting experience apart from the constant hugs and kisses from Hajah Aishah, was when they extended an invitation for me to visit their home in Beijing, and to further add icing to the cake, they even offered to cook for me. Time for me to put on weight, eh?


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