Monday, March 30, 2009

.: Trogglehumper :.

The talk that changed everything.

Why won’t you understand? From the day you were born till the day you get married, you are our responsibility...

Because from the day I was born, I’ve made you my responsibility for life...

Around the age of 5, I used to get nightmares whereby God took my parents away. The scenes were so vivid that each time I woke up, I’ll be in tears, trembling, literally shocked and start praying to God to give me more time with them.

These days, I’m beginning to have the nightmares again. It made me think. Just until when can God keep them alive for me? One way or the other, there will come a time when one of us has to go.

Yesterday, I took a good look at the both of them. Why haven’t I noticed the clumps of white hair sprouting from dad's scalp? How is it possible that I failed to detect mum's aging lines? Was it because they kept it hidden away? Behind the smiles, the laughter, which clouded my vision?

Hence, how much time do I have left with them? When the time comes, will I be able to deal with it? I may have prepared myself for it; however is the faith that I have strong enough to overcome it? Or will it be too overpowering that I may submit to the path of timeless lunacy?

Unlike you, our time is nearing. You still have a long journey to go...

The little time that you have means the whole world to me. I wouldn’t have a journey to begin with if it weren’t for you. This is my journey. You are a part of my journey...

“Oh no!” he cried. “Oh mince my maggots! Oh swipe my swoggles!”

“What’s the matter?” Sophie asked.

“It’s a trogglehumper!” he shouted. His voice was filled with fury and anguish. “Oh, save our solos!” he cried. “Deliver us from weasels! The devil is dancing on my dibbler!”

The BFG, Roald Dahl

In quest of the golden phizzwizards.
10.33am Malaysian Time

Friday, March 27, 2009

.: Sketches in life :.

Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu.

There are quite a number of buildings bedecked with Moorish architectural elements in Kuala Lumpur. The Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu, [Malaya Railway Station] also known as Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur [Kuala Lumpur Railway Station] located at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin [formerly known as Victoria Avenue] embodies parallel Moorish structural designs; large chatris to Masjid Jamek.

Other influences are from the Mughal/Neo-Saracenic/Indo-Saracenic [also known as Indo-Gothic] and Western architectural styles that include
several forms of horseshoe and cyma reversa [curved-in arc flowing into a curved arc] arches. This building was the brainchild of Arthur Benison Hubbock.

The station was built in the 1900s to replace the Resident Station, serving as Kuala Lumpur's railway hub for the Federated Malay States Railway and the Malayan Railway till 2001. Since then, KL Sentral had taken on the role for these services. Presently, the station caters to the KTM Komuter and goods services.

In the last right-hand picture is the Heritage Station Hotel, formerly known as Station Hotel. In conjunction with Malaya's 50th Independence Day in 2007, the station was officially reopened as a Railway Museum; cultural centre.


The train station brings back memories aplenty. It was the main transportation we used to travel from the South to Kuala Lumpur. The days when dad would hoist me up the train, mum shrieking at dad to get me away from the edge of the platform, brother and sis urging me to plead my parents to buy us McDonalds...

One of the few places to reminiscence my childhood years, where thankfully each day I'll pass it on my way to and from work. The birds souring high above the towering majestic building, never once has it failed to sketch the pleasant sentiments of a once lived past.

10.36am Malaysian Time

Thursday, March 26, 2009

.: Aftermath relief :.

Daunted, was I.

The last couple of weeks were chaotic. Despite the odds, I’m still scribbling random thoughts in scraps of paper, half-wondering when will be the day when I shall opt to digitize even a measly portion of it.

But the temptation is irresistible. :P I’ve decided to do a little whining, on perhaps the biggest and most unexpected occurrence that can ever happen to me. *on second thoughts, I take that back*

I was stalked. I like to believe I’m no longer stalked as it was clearly making my life dysfunctional to the extreme. This may be an exaggeration, but surely, as much as the mind wants to keep being pragmatic, optimistic about it, the heart rebuts every single claim. In the face of all this, the mind insists I’m overreacting on this misery, deeming that by plummeting deeper in it ought to result in me experiencing one of the worst feelings one can have.

Therefore after being in this insane state of limbo with family noticing the slight disturbance, since Monday I chose to face it straight-on, in total faith that come what may, Insya’Allah the time shall come when we will be able to cross the zebra crossings without fearing a collision with a blasted vehicle losing a limb, or two and kids can scare the living daylights out of us with their intensified cloud nine squeals without getting torturous lectures from mortified parents. :)

Incessant ramblings end.
12.28 noon Malaysian Time

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

.: Crossing borders :.

A Malaysian hujjaj's travel pack.

I suppose some might wonder about the things I had throughout my Hajj experience. These photos belong to my uncle. In the beginning, he kept an inventory of the things he brought @ got during Hajj. Sometime in our journey, he discontinued this procedure.

Some of the things provided by the Malaysian Hajj authorities; Tabung Haji and Malaysian companies. I'm uncertain on some of the books.

Left to right:: Medical pack [eye drops, cream, mouth rinse, vitamin C, aspirin, lozenges], Guide for Hajj Pilgrims and Visitors of the Prophet's Mosque, Prayer Schedules in Mecca and Medina, Hajj and Umrah Q & A, Map of Mecca and Medina, Hajj Pilgrims Health Guide, foldable mat, Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims Risalah, Ibadah: Umrah and Visiting, Pilgrimage Guide, Du'a and Guide for Additional Voluntary Prayers, Hajj Journey Risalah, Hajj Checklist.

A small fraction of the things obtained in Mecca and Medina. These were given out to the pilgrims in our hotel rooms, at bus terminals, mosques, etc. At the airport, we got a copy of the Al-Quran, some books and an umbrella.

Left to right:: Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Charity Store House food pack [mineral water, milk, dates, tasbih and cheese bread], food pack *my uncle stuffed other things inside ... I do recall it being loaded with milk, dates, mineral water, bread and an apple*, Al-Khairy Foods Factory food pack [finger biscuits, tahina dip, dates paste, orange juice], The Establishment of the Motawifs of South East Asia Pilgrims food pack [mineral water, bread, dates, cake].

Insya'Allah, the next post shall be an extension.
10.10am Malaysian Time

Monday, March 23, 2009

.: Garments of reason :.

Inferring the stitches.

A tidbit from cruising over to sister's blogs; "Do you think they are hijab appropriate?".

Friend:: I don’t get girls nowadays with all their skimpy tight clothing. What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you see these girls?
Me:: Don’t they feel cold?
Friend:: I expected you to comment intellectually, i.e. on keeping in tune with the eastern values, immorality etc. since you're a Muslim.
Me:: No really, don’t they feel cold?

Owing to my response, my friend deviated away from the conversation. Obviously, she was dismayed by it. On any given day, I can prattle on the aforementioned points, though I do not see any use of repeating a seemingly common pattern. Besides, it’s unlikely that I emit a holier-than-thou persona in comparison to them as I do have friends that dress in such a way but possess better conduct than some that strictly observes the hijab. Each of us has our flaws; style may be one of theirs. Mine, I clearly have no sense of fashion.

But I am fascinated. My response is relatively strange considering that Malaysia is hot. Perhaps because I’m used to the layers and stuff. *that, and the absence of body fat ... I am incredibly vulnerable to cold ... 18 degrees Celsius is cold ... anything below that is pure madness*

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus

Our tailor did his house calling yesterday. Right after the women in the house finished questioning and directing him on their styles, it was my turn.

As long as I can breathe, run around in it without ruining the seams, I'm alright. Nothing fancy.

Shouldn't be too difficult for him.
1.33pm Malaysian Time

Friday, March 20, 2009

.: Masjid Al-Hidayah :.

Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

I sought shelter here during the recent rainstorm while waiting for my uncle to pick me up. The only thing that bothered me was the women's praying area. It was outside. Having gone there only once, I prefer not to comment further.

It's a Friday.
5.27am Malaysian Time

Thursday, March 19, 2009

.: Trigger of interaction :.

An abridgment.

As adults, we have this general perception that kids do not know anything and that our word overrule theirs in every single way. The thing here is, things which we deem are right are based on our experiences then. The kids these days have their own standpoints that suit their situations. Most of the time, we disregard this fact. We are hearing them, but we are not listening. We choose to absorb information that is at our best interests, beneficial to us or something that we are familiar with while neglecting the others. That is not communication let alone effective communication. As long as we have this frame of mind, issues will not be solved; problems may prolong ultimately producing series of breakdowns.

How often does one communicate with their family? What is the kind of information one shares? Why is it so difficult to cut loose, open up and give the slip to your own flesh and blood as compared to someone that is out of the circle?

Occasionally, people ask me to be the intermediary. When asked why they’re incapable to hold the conversation with the other, the reply will be the age, generation, cultural etc. gap. They haven’t even tried. I suppose, the hurdle is caused due to neither of the parties willing to initiate the initial step for the tête-à-tête. It doesn’t necessarily take two to tango if one party is adamant, determined for it. On another area, it is sad when one is about to speak up, making the stand; someone shushes the individual on irrelevant grounds.

A family, I figure should make a point to have quality family time. My concerns are the ones that are completely ignorant of the issues their family may have
even though all are staying under the same roof. They see each other every day, day in day out saying routine sentences. When things start to go wrong or a family unit crumbles, the blame practically goes entirely on the hectic schedule, lack of communication, fate and so forth; the ever-popular blame game.

What does it take for one to do a self-reflection and realize that the cause is really from our own self?

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.

A thought.
10.12am Malaysian Time

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.: Another year :.

The man of the house.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work I heard the familiar Qur’an recitations from dad. Yesterday was his birthday. Birthday celebrations are almost fictional for us, yet at that moment it occurred to me that without fail, dad will recite du’a on my birthday. Even when I’m not around, mum and dad will call me, wishing happy birthday with many happy returns telling me that they prayed to God for my well being. Simple gestures that I have taken for granted. Took me long enough to realize this.

Mum is coming back tomorrow. I’ve roughly planned a few things for dad. Just need to get my sister on the track with me. *shouldn’t be a problem, either she is with me or I’ll disable her broadband access. I can go a notch higher by challenging her computer literacy but that is plain cruelty.*

Me:: So you won’t be around on dad’s birthday?
Mum:: Your dad understands. Take care of him while I’m gone.

Once I brought dad's younger days photo to school without telling friends who he is. Friends that saw it asked whether they can get acquainted with him. I replied by saying presently he's happily married, with 3 kids and they happen to be speaking to his child, me.

Happy birthday dad. :)
3.28pm Malaysian Time

.: First lesson :.

In Arabic class.

Sis:: You know, if you had given the class your other names, chances are the others would use it more often in the answers as compared to mine.
Me:: I’m no attention seeker. :P
Sis:: Right. Well, it’s too late for that. The teacher keeps calling you. :P

I presume in Malaysia, Hajar is not a common name as compared to Khadijah. Subsequent classes later, let's see whether I make the cut as the teacher's pet. *coughs*

At home.

Sis:: Dad, the teacher picked on lil sister. He kept calling her name, and she blurs out.
Dad:: :)

Because the teacher had called me to answer a question, I assumed he’d pick someone else. Apparently not. He constantly picked on me. I wasn’t looking at him, I wasn’t having one of my inquisitive looks neither was I not paying attention nor sleeping in class. *sleeping, a tempting act indeed*

1st Task - Introduce the names of our classmates in Arabic. In all, 15 people including the teacher.

Teacher:: Hajar, you!
Me:: starts sputtering in Arabic.
Teacher:: Mumtaz! :)
Sis:: You remembered everyone’s names? *gasping look splashed allover*

2nd Task - Identifying words that sound similar to Malay. Total, 3300 Arabic loan words are present in the Malay language. *as alleged by my teacher. I shall not be held responsible if the facts are far from the truth*

Teacher:: Yes Hajar? Did you find something?
Me:: Yeah. Insan?
Teacher:: Yaban?
Me:: Insan?
Teacher:: Yaban?
Me:: Insan?
Teacher:: Yaban?
Me:: Aih~ Ya ya, yaban. *whatever that means* Have it your way.
Teacher:: Barakallah feek! Haha~ Mumtaz! starts speaking Arabic, laughing like it’s the biggest joke he ever heard. I still don’t get it.

The number of times he said mumtaz each time I answer his questions. The word has practically embedded itself in my head. Anyone can tell me what it means? I'm too lazy to google it up or go through my books. The spelling is based on my acute sense of hearing, as like all the other Arabic words he used so I may get it wrong. *you have been warned* In case anyone is wondering, my teacher is Egyptian.

Considering this is my first time being in a class with my sis, after catching a glimpse of my notes, answers, behavior, observation etc. she has only one thing to say about me …

My little sister, the ultimate geek.
9.46am Malaysian Time

Monday, March 16, 2009

.: Nocturne :.

Having one too many of it.

A fraction of the scenes observed in the mosque besides the common bickering, gossiping, idle chit-chatting.
  • Sleeping in the mosque.
As most of the sisters leave after prayers, I hardly see this occurring among us. However, it is much reflected on the brothers. After plopping myself in some corner hidden away from sight, it feels odd to see a brother reciting the Qur’an whereas the brother next to him is snoring hard, lost in his forty winks. No, he’s not homeless. His dressing is far too fancy shmancy. *coughs*
  • Eating in the mosque.
More like picnicking. I have seen people laying their foodstuff on their picnic cloth, chit-chatting rapidly with kids scampering about catching frisbees in the mosque’s compounds.
  • Couples in the mosque.
Couples that insist they stay together. I’ll stop there.
  • Dating in the mosque.
I’m sure they’re happily married; *being positive here* though kindly keep the affectionate displays at home where it belongs. No doubt that sharing one's happiness is pleasant, but there should really be a limit. Really.

Curious as to whether these scenes are displayed elsewhere, and the numerous other kinds along the lines.

Best be on my way now.
1.02pm Malaysian Time

Friday, March 13, 2009

.: Masjid Jamek :.

Also know as the Friday mosque.

Masjid Jamek, dates back to 1909 is the oldest surviving mosque in Kuala Lumpur. Located in Jalan Tun Perak, the red-bricked structure of Masjid Jamek features attractive domes, marble floors together with numerous arched colonnades, minarets and chatris [umbrella-shaped cupolas, usually domed and open-sided].

Even though the designs are represented in Moorish architecture, the actual inspiration came from the Mogul mosques in North India being the source of inspiration to Arthur Benison Hubbock.

Photos taken on 2 separate days. The second photo was taken just before the Friday prayers. I couldn't get a good shot as scores of worshippers had started to congregate, flocking every nook and cranny available hence I had to add some distance, giving way to them. The other shots were taken on a normal day.

Approximately 30 mins till Fajr. :)
5.38am Malaysian Time

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.: Maulidur Rasul :.

The National Level Celebrations.

Theme:: Wahdah Pemangkin Khaira Ummah
[Unity as the Catalyst for Creating the Best Nation]

"Adherence to Islam as demonstrated by the glorious history of Islam has proven that Muslim nations were at one time united on the axis of truth," he said.

However, Tuanku Mizan said some people had become contaminated by greed and self-centredness, and neglected noble values by chasing worldly possessions, which resulted in many forms of catastrophes and disasters that befell the people because of the wrath of God.

"Therefore, Islam forbids any form of misappropriation, abuse of power and discrimination. Instead, Islam preaches, equality and cooperation."

"Islam makes it obligatory to protect and ensure equal rights for all strata of the society, regardless whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims," said Tuanku Mizan.

Info and pictures source from The Sun.


Typically, the celebrations include parades, forums, conferences, marhabans [Islamic songs], nasheeds, berzanji [praises to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, historical accounts], performances, treating the needy etc.

Close to 8 years since I participated in the celebrations. As compared to where I am now, the community in my hometown are very close knit when it comes to Islamic celebrations. Without fail, we will have people coming over for marhabans, separated into 2 sessions, men and women of all ages. It was from them did I learn the marhabans, nasheeds and berzanji. Berzanji is now a dying art.

Something else that I am unable to find here is the makan berdulang. Normally, after the marhaban or berzanji sessions, the hosts will serve refreshments and one of the ways to serve was the makan berdulang. It's basically food placed in a circular tray where 4-5 people will share the food by eating from the tray.

There are 2 ways of doing it::

1st. - The dishes are placed into bowls, the bowls placed in the tray and people scoop it from there. If the bowls are placed directly on the table / sapra [cloth to cover the floor], then it is called makan berhidang.

2nd. - The dishes are ladled straight into the centre of the tray, no plates, no cutlery. Sometimes someone will divide it into portions, or else everybody just help themselves to it using their hands. Trust me, it can get excruciating at times particularly when you have friends fighting for the chicken. To solve matters, we do trade-offs, e.g. my chicken piece for your potato.

*First-timers may find the second approach as repulsive. Of course, one has to know the etiquette.

Friend:: I'm surprised. None of my Muslim friends ever share their food with me, and here you are sharing what's on your plate.
Me:: Apparently, you don't know any southerners.

Note:: Makan berdulang I believe is actually a Malay culture. The response I gave was because I was being biased. :P

Hopefully, this answers to Ms. Unique's query. :)
9.57am Malaysian Time

Monday, March 9, 2009

.: Talentime :.

A Yasmin Ahmad Film.

  • Sepet :: One Chinese boy, one Malay girl, one unforgettable love story.
  • Gubra :: Why do we hurt the most, the ones we love the most?
  • Mukhsin :: Everyone has a first love story to tell.
  • Muallaf :: It is in forgiving that we are forgiven.

"First love has always fascinated me because it happens to you at a time when you have not yet learned to lie to yourself. With first love, within five minutes, you accept the other person for everything that they are, warts and all. I believe that our first love is the truest love of all. Unfortunately, most people I know do not even believe there is such a thing as "true love" . It's important to note here that the last thing I wanted was to make the central crisis in "Sepet" a racial one. I have never believed that race was ever a real issue when people hated one another. I have always found, without fail, that racism was just surface stuff. When I scratched that surface and went just a little deeper, I invariably found that that prejudice was rooted in more basic human weaknesses like Fear or Greed. I also wanted "Sepet" to be about first love.. They remind me of the last words in a poem by Wislawa Szymborska. "Let the people who never find true love believe that there is no such thing. Their faith will make it easier for them to live and die."

Yasmin Ahmad, The Storyteller

"Jikalau dalam Sepet, kita jatuh cinta dengan Jason, dalam Mukhsin kita jatuh cinta dengan Mukhsin. Dalam Talentime, bersedialah anda untuk jatuh cinta dengan Mahesh."

If in Sepet we fell in love with Jason, in Mukhsin we fell in love with Mukhsin. In Talentime, be prepared to fall in love with Mahesh.

I've only caught snippets of her movies, developing not as much impact on me, by this I mean the controversial issues portrayed are certainly predominantly familiar. Perhaps I should not give this latest installment a miss, especially when it may be an avenue to cut loose from the unsightly commotion happening around here these days.

Feels like I've been walking barefoot on burning embers
Feels like I've been growing up among total strangers
O beloved, take me away to your destiny
This blind, narrow-minded world is my enemy

Amazing whenever you feel like the whole world is crashing down against you, something suitably crops up and gets you back on track, no matter how insignificant that thing may be.


Happy Monday! ^^
5.43pm Malaysian Time

Friday, March 6, 2009

.: Mendelssohn :.

The day Venice came to our shores.

Kuala Lumpur, has recently enjoined itself with Bangkok as the Venice of the East.

Photo source:: Bernama.

Chaos as flash floods hit city.
Thousands caught unawares as 2m-high flash floods hit KL.

I never experience flash floods. On that day, while taking an alternative mode of transportation, I witnessed it first hand. Kuala Lumpur submerged under 2metres of water. Friends have likened it as our eastern version of Venice. I beg to differ. It was nothing like it. In replacement of the romantic atmosphere of gondolas and gondoliers in half-unbuttoned white/striped shirts, sleeves rolled up, with a hat and scarf twirled over their necks fantastically serenading Italian love songs to the passengers, all I saw were people trying to get to the safest place as quick as possible. Faces filled with humor, amazement, confusion and sheer horror.

Note:: The description of the gondoliers were based on the accounts I had 10 years ago.


Current local headlines are overflowed with the fiasco in relation to morality, the constitution and ethics. This piece of news adds further to it. Much to be thought upon the unaddressed ones i.e. the Orang Asli community. On another scale, a friend has returned to his homeland. I took the interest to read about his country, relying on the net as it apparently does not count as 'news' here. I may have sidetracked a little, reading more on the casualties at the bordering areas. Quite a number of sisters and brothers have highlighted it in their blog, offering their thoughts. As I am not there, nor have I been there, I dare not start a dialogue based on my perspective. The issue I brought up is the one in Swat Valley, Pakistan.

The winds are blowing.
5.23pm Malaysian Time

.: Compensation of desire :.

Central Market.

Auntie Rizwana Iqbal

Totally destroyed the sling bag my cousin bought for me when she was at Mysore City, India. After continuous attempts in finding the replacement, letdowns one after the other, I managed to find one similar to it in this shop. A little on the pricey side but in view of the bag, being hand-stitched by ethnic girls in Pakistan and the pleasant shop owner responding patiently to each of my queries along with allowing me to go rampant with the camera shots, I just had to have it. :)

Constant perseverance pays off.

2.47pm Malaysian Time

Thursday, March 5, 2009

.: 10 random facts :.

About Me.

Tagged by ipv6. I indulge you, in some rubbish about myself. :P
1. Six names you go by:
  1. Hajar.
  2. Haja.
  3. Hajjar.
  4. Hajah.
  5. Aja.
  6. Ja.
People often have problems pronouncing @ remembering @ writing my name. It gets worse when they try to write it in Arabic or Jawi.

2. Three things you are wearing right now:
  1. Hijab.
  2. Pashmina.
  3. Baju Kurung.
3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:
  1. Can I stop here?
  2. Like really, can I end the tag like right now?
4. Three people who will do this:
  1. Ms. Unique
  2. Sketchedsoul
  3. Miss Ash
5. Two things you did last night:
  1. Cooking.
  2. Sleeping. :P
6. Two things you did today:
  1. Cramping @ cramming engineering jargons.
  2. Due dilligence.
7. Two Things you ate today:
  1. Nasi Lemak. [Rice cooked in coconut milk, normally eaten with anchovies, sambal *chilli paste*, cucumber and boiled egg] - I need the fat.
  2. Tang Yuan. [Glutinous rice ball in sweet soup] - I need my sugar.
8. Two people you last talked to on the phone:
  1. A brother from Al-Diwan. *Arabic classes postponed to next week*
  2. My former colleague.
9. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
  1. Insya'Allah, going over to my cousin's place for a get together with family prior to her brother's wedding ceremony.
  2. Feign ignorance when relations speak of marriage. *coughs*
10. Favourite beverage:
  1. Lukewarm plain water.
  2. Hot plain water.

Over at Kak Chik's place a short while ago. Apparently, she thinks my blog is fab, hence I'm accepting her award. Gratitude by the masses goes to her. :)

In conjunction to this, I'm giving this award to the other lovely blogs on my blog roll. Every single one is distinctively remarkable, whereby listing them all here will only exclude the noteworthy mentions for the future ones.

Thus the tag ends.
10.34am Malaysian Time

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

.: Spiral of recollection :.

Scene 1.

OMG! What do I do? What do I say? Do you think she’ll understand us?

It sounds way hilarious in Malay, so here’s the version for the Malaysian readers.

Ei! Nak buat ape eh? Ape nak cakap? Agak-agak dia faham tak? Cam mane ni!

Occasionally when I’m dressed up like any other average kid on the block, I’ll get mistaken as a foreigner. It may have to do with me blabbing in English *I’ve been told I have the American accent, I do have an accent though it’s unlikely to be American*, taking shots like an eccentric Japanese tourist or that I take so much interest in the surroundings as if it’s a totally alien environment.

Because of that, I have encountered several side-splitting treatments, divided into several categories. These presumptions are based on the times I had with Malaysians that have difficulties in expressing in English.

  1. The helpful ones :- They’re willing to go all the way to help you by getting someone proficient in English, sign-language, win-lose-or-draw, charades etc. I’m dead serious on this.
  2. The freaked out ones :- "Me speak no English. Bye." Else a wave, smiles, walks off. They’re not being rude. They don’t know how to react. At least they have the courtesy to acknowledge your existence.
  3. The no-clue-what-to-do-but-wanna help ones :- Please refer to the panic attacks in scene 1. They’ll speak frantically to one another deciding on how, what to do often ending up stuttering, blushing and that’s pretty much it. These are generally the animated bunch.
  4. The rude ones :- They’ll ignore you. Either they freaked out or are just rude. I retract my words. They’re just plain rude.
  5. The blur ones :- They’re not sure whether you’re talking to them. Subsequently, they may fall anywhere in category 1-4.

Most of the time, I’ll encounter the ones in the 3rd category. I never mean to mislead them, but I find it hard to burst their bubble. *with the eagerness splashed on their faces, "this foreigner spoke to me! Gya~!"* By now, I’ve acquired a knack to contain the chuckles. However, every so often I’ll submit to it, so seeing me laugh made them laugh as well. The laughs are purely because I find it really sweet that they’re trying their best to help out, sandwiched with the witty antics. I'll bail them out when things go out of control.

And after a long day in KLCC with my sis *we spent half a day at Kinokuniya bookstore*, the ticket man at the LRT gate greeted us with …"Thank you for shopping with us. Do come again!"

Me:: Cool~ Now they’ve started such a practice.
Sis:: I think he only said that to us. Do you think people think we are Indonesian?
Me:: That’s a loaded one.
Sis:: Oh yeah. You get this all the time.

Not so Malaysian after all.
9.59 Malaysian Time

Monday, March 2, 2009

.: Drizzly existence :.

Over the periphery.

Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.

Robert Louis Stevenson
Things are a little weary over here, but I’m far from getting all worked up over it as the last few days I had one of the rare mornings when I got to see a brilliant rainbow after a drizzle. With the massive amount of rainfalls, I'm also having a blast of a time galloping in the puddles.

Hope all of you will ha
ve good days ahead. :)
10.57pm Malaysian Time

Sunday, March 1, 2009

.: Masjid Negara :.

The National Mosque.

A while back, I went to the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia [IAMM] to view their showcase on Divine Inspiration: Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture. Close by is the National Mosque, in which every Friday, the national television channel will broadcast Friday prayers held there. The closest I’ve ever been to it then was seeing it in the telly.

For further info, click here; in Malay.
3.44pm Malaysian Time