Thursday, November 27, 2014

.: Visiting memory :.

The empire strikes back.

Oftentimes we go through life, experiencing a feeling or moment. Sometimes it lingers for a while. Sometimes, it disappears along the passages of time. These feelings or moments, come and go as it please. Yet sometimes, for some unknown reason, it resurfaces. The feeling or moment that had taken place many odd years ago, comes back in an instant, and it feels as though it was just yesterday that the particular feeling, that particular moment, occurred.

The decisions that were made then, the consequences that came along with those decisions, return as a haunting, a fleeting reminder. One pauses for a while, static, half wondering should the decisions that were made then be made again now? Or should one open-up to new possibilities should one choose to take on a different path? What lies forward remains unknown, yet the exhilaration, the mere thought of it is unspeakable of.  

The force is weak in this one.
1.54pm, Malaysian Time