Thursday, December 27, 2012

.: 故事未完成 :.

The story has not ended.
Do you ever have that feeling? As though God is not listening to you?

Friend :: That’s a complicated drawing. You should have taken Engineering.
Me :: It’s not that complicated really.  
Friend :: So what’s the story, morning glory?  
Me :: You see the head of a lion with wings. Do the Math. 
Friend:: Feisty, with an angelic side. :)  
Me :: You Engineering lads creep me out.

The message behind the drawing was an illustration of ‘Love’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Hope’ as opposed to ‘Faith’, ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’, from the Bible. I didn’t know about Ibn Qayyim then, and there I was, doodling one of his distinctive quotes.

In my pursuit, in becoming a potential hermit, I eventually came to the following deduction …

With every good that happens to me, with every comforting feeling that sweeps by me, with every situation that comes my way, could these be His way of sending the message across?

A coded mess.
8.45am Malaysian Time

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

.: Drop of ember :.

Changi Airport.

Cousin 1 :: Look at that grandpa over there. He shouldn't be working at his age!
Cousin 2 :: He has to. Singapore has high living standards.  

On one of my solitary walks, I observed a grandpa hastily picking up the rubbish us civilised people left behind. He had a hunched back, and could possibly be in his late 60s. As I observed him, I noticed the onlookers, comprising bustling youths, taking no notice of him. The ones, who did, chuckled as though he was their limelight of the day.

Morning came and I went on another solitary walk. I was trying to rid the image out of my head, when in less than a jiffy; I stumbled upon an elderly man, with a pile of cardboard boxes. He stood at the corner of the road, scrambling for some balance as he stacked one cardboard after the other. And I stood there, at the side of the curb, utterly helpless.

In all honesty, these impromptu trips to Singapore, have taken a toil to say the least. Of all things that could remotely be possible to bring the spirits down, incidents such as these equate to those watershed moments.

Outside of this ark, all is deluge
9.28pm Malaysian Time