Thursday, December 27, 2012

.: 故事未完成 :.

The story has not ended.
Do you ever have that feeling? As though God is not listening to you?

Friend :: That’s a complicated drawing. You should have taken Engineering.
Me :: It’s not that complicated really.  
Friend :: So what’s the story, morning glory?  
Me :: You see the head of a lion with wings. Do the Math. 
Friend:: Feisty, with an angelic side. :)  
Me :: You Engineering lads creep me out.

The message behind the drawing was an illustration of ‘Love’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Hope’ as opposed to ‘Faith’, ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’, from the Bible. I didn’t know about Ibn Qayyim then, and there I was, doodling one of his distinctive quotes.

In my pursuit, in becoming a potential hermit, I eventually came to the following deduction …

With every good that happens to me, with every comforting feeling that sweeps by me, with every situation that comes my way, could these be His way of sending the message across?

A coded mess.
8.45am Malaysian Time


Masjid Jamiul Ehsan said...

Iti, when are u going to do a compilation of your entries. they are excellent. else can i compile into an apple ibook and let u review before we offer it to the public? how about it?

Hajar Alwi said...

Ayah'ain :: I prefer to leave it as it is. :)