Friday, July 12, 2013

.: よみがえる力 :.

Expanding horizons. 

Truth be told, many of us are where we are now due to the support and guidance we received from others. Be it our family members, neighbours, teachers, friends or absolute strangers, these respected individuals impart their life’s lessons to us and help shape us to be the people we are today. Most importantly, they believed in our potential, and that provided the driving force for us to move forward and aim for the best. This is the message we would like to deliver and inculcate in the minds of these children. That they too, have it in themselves, to make full use of this golden opportunity, to be the person they aspire to be. We are not here just to provide a quality education; we are here to provide them hope for a better tomorrow. 

Change is on.
8.40am, Malaysian Time