Sunday, October 17, 2010

.: Monumental eclipse :.

Scattered here and yon.

Sometimes ten seconds feel longer than a quarter of a century.

11.22pm Malaysian Time

Monday, October 11, 2010

.: Scavenger :.

Dirt and rubble.

He diligently rummaged through the piles of rubbish. The foul stench and scorching sun didn't matter to him. A decent looking young man who couldn't possibly be more than his late 20s, he finally grabbed 2 toolboxes, a couple of garbage bags and placed it on his carrier. Seemingly satisfied with his haul of the day, he left the premises.

... ~ ...

I was doing my work from home when I heard the postman delivering the mail. Half an hour later I decided to check our mail. As I was about to step out of the house, that was when I saw a man loitering around our garbage bin. He didn't look like the garbage collectors, so I decided to peek through the curtains and observe his behavior.

In some areas in the city we can still find someone rummaging through rubbish looking for recyclable materials. However, this was my first time seeing someone doing that at a residential area. I had mixed feelings. Part of me wanted to go and offer him assistance of any kind. Another part restricts me from doing that because of safety reasons.

Just hope that whatever he found then, will be useful for him and possibly his family.

Oscar the Grouch.
11.13am Malaysian Time

Saturday, October 2, 2010

.: 伊斯兰教 :.


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Brother Ikhwan wrote a blog entry relating his experience at PERKIM HQ; [A Trip to PERKIM HQ], where he also posted some images of the Islamic reading materials he obtained while he was there.

As I have a small collection of my own written in Chinese, I felt called upon to share it here particularly to my Chinese Muslim friends since I've heard it's not easy for them to get it. Some of these books were published in Malaysia while others were brought over from China, Singapore and Turkey.

If anyone wants to read any of this, I'm not too sure whether I can purchase/source the overseas publications since it was gifted to me some time ago. However, I am willing to lend, photocopy or scan the contents for you. Should you require additional reading materials, I can try asking friends in PERKIM and MACMA.

Sharing knowledge.
10.34am Malaysian Time