Saturday, April 30, 2016

.: Sources of barakah :.

How do you know if there is barakah in your life? 

"So often, it seems to be an almost indescribable quality, a concept that's difficult to recognise due to it being so unquantifiable. And yet, you will know when you have it. When the food in your fridge comes together in a wholesome meal that satisfies the family; when your paycheque stretches more than you ever imagined it could; when being with your loved ones fills you with contentment; when you experience joy in the simplest of things; when your fears and worries no longer overwhelm you so much; when difficult times are bearable because you know that they're a means of bringing you closer to Allah; when you don't feel the gnawing urge to make more, spend more, accumulate more; when good things happen unexpectedly and you're eager to share the benefits with others; when you find yourself indifferent to shallow societal standards and are happy with living your life your own way... all of these are signs of barakah in your life. Outward wealth or meeting arbitrary standards set by others are no marker of how blessed you are. How you feel about what you already have, however, most certainly is. Verily, Allah is the source of all blessing and He is the Most Generous to His slaves."
Sister Zainab 

10.42am, Malaysian Time 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

.: Foreign blood :.

Alternate view.

Lately, news about people's perception of foreigners kept on appearing on my Facebook news feeds. Either there is a surge in locals versus foreigners attitudes that I am absolutely oblivious of or this is an indication that I ought to micromanage my feeds list.    

The same old arguments appeared. 
  • Bashing another country's countrymen. 
  • Foreigners taking the jobs of locals. 
  • Locals exhibiting holier-than-thou attitudes. 

Ironically, the old arguments versus the "all Muslims are terrorists" statement in my opinion are almost on equal levels. Equal in the sense all are made as sweeping blanket statements. A tit for a tat maybe?

Now then, if we were to delve in the Qur'an, mankind was created from different tribes to get to know one another. No particular race is superior than the other. The only superiority in the sight of the AlMighty is taqwa. 

Yet some still say hurtful things and stereotype certain people.

I cringe with the thought of that one fine day when we will be held accountable for our acts. 

A reminder to myself, foremost;

If one has nothing good to say, keep silent.

Because a hurtful word uttered, can never be retracted.

And the hurt, oftentimes, remains. 
8.05pm, Malaysian Time

Sunday, April 17, 2016

.: Sunny day :.


Health, hasn't been good and to add icing to the cake, anxiety had crept in and the levels had escalated to epic proportions. There were occasions, several times in a day, when the mind would gallantly tarry off, swathed with all sorts of copious (and occasionally ludicrous) materials that literally set the mind into a major overdrive. 

Oddly enough, one is fully aware of how detrimental this can be. The kind of damage it can bring. Yet why had the battle been waged for ever so long? 

Could it be...

A sheer lack of faith?
12.18pm, Malaysian Time

Saturday, April 9, 2016

.: Carefugees :.

Charity bazaar.

Of late, I have read about how people put up clothes and shoes at "street stores" or "hanging walls". Although the initial idea is to help the homeless get something warm or nice to wear, just about anyone can take the items. 

The same goes for the "fridge" concept that has been going around. These "fridges" are placed outside a restaurant or at a social area, and the concept is similar in the sense anyone can take the items. 

Sort of like the "post-it notes on the wall put-it-forward concept".

I like the idea because it makes it easier for us give to those who need it without them feeling like they have to ask for it. In all actuality, it would be extra nice if there is a physical outlet, a convenience store, kiosk or mobile cart of some sort that can store all these items. So instead of picking things off the street, wall or fridge, people can enter the store at any given time and take a variety of things.

The mind occasionally drifts off to a seemingly far-fetched reality. Hopefully, it is not that far-fetched. 

Back to reality, Carefugees are having a charity bazaar at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) this coming 16 and 17 April 2016. There is a huge community of refugees in Klang Valley and if you would like to support them in any way but you are not sure on what can be done well, this is a start. 

For more info, kindly visit their Facebook page: Carefugees

No one asks to be a refugee. 
12.44pm, Malaysian Time 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

.: Disassembling fractions :.

Across the sphere.

There will come a time when one would figure that in life there are various paths that can be undertaken. Not a single path is to be regarded as a mistake. Rather, that particular path serves as a learning outlet or it could lead to a detour to yet another learning path.

Every single path is but an adventure, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be chosen, waiting to be tread upon. 

With all due respect, how would one know which path to choose?

And if the path deems to be unbearable at times, how does one find the strength, the courage to persist in the path?

Or how would one realise it is time to put a halt and move on to another path?

A path has been chosen.
8.41pm, Malaysian Time

Sunday, April 3, 2016

.: Pluviophile :.

Banana cake.

On rainy days, nothing beats the smell of home-made freshly baked goods. Especially freshly baked banana cake.

Free smells.
5.15pm, Malaysian Time