Saturday, April 30, 2016

.: Sources of barakah :.

How do you know if there is barakah in your life? 

"So often, it seems to be an almost indescribable quality, a concept that's difficult to recognise due to it being so unquantifiable. And yet, you will know when you have it. When the food in your fridge comes together in a wholesome meal that satisfies the family; when your paycheque stretches more than you ever imagined it could; when being with your loved ones fills you with contentment; when you experience joy in the simplest of things; when your fears and worries no longer overwhelm you so much; when difficult times are bearable because you know that they're a means of bringing you closer to Allah; when you don't feel the gnawing urge to make more, spend more, accumulate more; when good things happen unexpectedly and you're eager to share the benefits with others; when you find yourself indifferent to shallow societal standards and are happy with living your life your own way... all of these are signs of barakah in your life. Outward wealth or meeting arbitrary standards set by others are no marker of how blessed you are. How you feel about what you already have, however, most certainly is. Verily, Allah is the source of all blessing and He is the Most Generous to His slaves."
Sister Zainab 

10.42am, Malaysian Time 

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