Thursday, May 5, 2016

.: 森林城市 :.

Forest City.

Staying in the southern state, one cannot stay completely oblivious to the rapid development that is currently taking place. One of the developments that has been buzzing in the property scene is Forest City by Country Garden

As someone who is nearly clueless about property markets, I have zilch idea about the developer. Thankfully, my significant other managed to shed some light. The said developer is renowned in China and this particular project is slated to be 'the' project. How huge is this project? Developed on man-made islands, it was recently declared as a free-trade area.

What will this entail? Will there be an influx of foreigners, foreign investors and foreign companies? Abundance in new jobs and opportunities for locals? Better and more systematic transportation systems and infrastructures? Only time, only time will tell.

On my part, I have been to Forest City twice and indeed, it is impressive. Would I like to stay there? This depends on my significant other. For now, I am thankful with wherever I am, Alhamdulillah.

Massive development. 
2.36pm, Malaysian Time

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