Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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The veil.

We were in the vegetarian restaurant. The waiter, a strapping young lad who could possibly pass as a college student handed us our menus. Famished, we started discussing on what we should have for dinner on our first night in Hanoi, somewhat a little oblivious to the lad who was still standing there waiting for our order.

After a while, the lad said:

"I like that. That thing that you wear on your head. It looks very nice. Are you Muslim?" 

"Yes, yes we are Muslims. Thank you."

We managed to talk a little more with him. As we had thought, he is currently a student at one of the local universities. The waiter job is his part-time work. Not only does the job enable him to gain extra pocket money and working experience, the job also enables him to improve on his English and communication skills. 

Sometimes I wonder, if I could turn back time and go through it allover again, would I have been as resourceful as him when I was at his age?

The Tamarind Cafe, serving contemporary vegetarian cuisine.

Hope he is doing well there.
4.48pm, Malaysian Time

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