Thursday, May 12, 2016

.: 斋月 :.


With the coming of Ramadhan, a few friends have come together to create a simple guide to Ramadhan in Mandarin Chinese with some basic information about the blessed month because sometimes, people want to understand why Muslims can get so hyped about the month of Ramadhan. Logically speaking, why would masses of people develop the adrenaline rush for a whole month of fasting? Hopefully, the guide would be able to shed some light. 

The main purpose of doing it in Mandarin Chinese is purely to reach out to this particular segment as I often get queried by my Chinese friends, who at times despite some being English literate, still prefer to digest certain information in their own native language. I suppose that speaks for most of us. 

In the next few days, insha'Allah I will share extracts of the guide on this blog. The actual leaflet will be shared as a concluding post and can be downloaded under "The Extras" section. Do feel free to download or share the khayr with others. Also, kindly inform me if there are discrepancies in the information shared in the leaflet. 

First post coming up soon, insha'Allah. 

Jazakumu'Allahu khairan.
9.29am, Malaysian Time

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