Thursday, July 24, 2008

.: Colours of the heart :.


One of my all time favourite songs. For the otakus, you may be familiar with it since it's the third opening title song for Blood+. *ehh... I may be wrong in the sequence but I am darn right on the anime.*

The verse that struck me the most is:

「願い続ける想い いつか色づくよ」
"Thoughts filled with wishes will one day create colours"

Something to ponder about since the older we become, the closer we get to reality and the further we are from the fantasy realm. I always thought that sometimes it's good to have your head high up in the clouds and add a bit of colour in your life. It surely beats having all that grey, dull and gloomy clouds hovering above you.

Hence, what is the color of your heart?
5.31pm Malaysian Time

Friday, July 18, 2008

.: Goodbye :.

A moment of silence.

On this rainy day...
I lay you down to rest...
As the rain touches the ground...
So does the tears from my eyes...

There are no words worth uttering...
On how much it pains me to see you go...
Only my tears bear witness...
To the heartfelt I have inside...

As I solemnly leave your side...
I forced myself to smile...
And I recited a silent prayer...
In hope that we shall meet again...

:: You had been such a dear friend, and it's time for a rest. Thank you for just being there. ::

In memory of my hamster. Her sister died on May 15th. Roughly about 1 month after her demise, she follows suit. She is the last of my hamsters and I'm not having any plans to get anymore.

"The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend. "
Henry David Thoreau
2.52pm Malaysian Time

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.: Milosc od pierwszego wejrzenia :.

Love at first sight.

Do people believe in that?

*it is another rainy day and the topic sort of came out of the blue. Downpour lasted for less than 2 hours and I came out feeling rather groggy instead of rejuvenated.*

Continuation ... I do know that there are people that believe in it. Growing up watching Disney classics had in a way introduced me to the concept of "love at first sight", "forever love" and "happily ever after". *i have a sudden distasteful urge to barf my guts out ...* Perhaps, they too have grown up watching such movies as well.

As for me, honestly ... I am not a firm believer. Possibly because it has not happened to me yet. Or it has but I am simply slow to notice it. *i seriously do not have a clue and goes completely blind when it comes to noticing such things ... *

Even so, I do believe that fairytales and castles in the sky basically exist whenever the flight of imagination goes hand in hand with the will to work towards it. *naturally, if heaven permits* ^^

Now for a casual stroll under the alameda.
7.35am Malaysian Time

Thursday, July 3, 2008

.: Pianissimo :.

Akin to a touch of cotton candy.

Recently, I came across this term "A gentleness to die for" and I can't help but relate it to my dad. There is not a slight tinge of misanthropy in him. Although in my previous posts, I had a propensity to highlight my mum more often but I dare say that the person that makes the most impact in my life is definitely my dad. *am not pulling your leg ... trust me ... my family ... extended included have reached to a consensus on this*

My dad doesn't talk much. He minds his own business. Detests bickering. Adores football. *GOAL!* At one time, I even got hooked to football all because of him. *It all began during the world cup 2002* Thanks to him, I can comprehend at least 50% of the football lingo. Nonetheless, my football fad days are long gone. Up till now, I still can't understand the beauty of football other than getting a kick of perceiving 22 guys running after a ball and get hurt while doing so. *sentiments of a sadistic being ... a knack for sarcasm ... perhaps that is my forte? Very unlikely ...*

Likewise to Mother's Day. My family does not celebrate Father's Day. Irregardless, I want to wish others:


*better late than never*

Here's my dad. Smile!

2.43pm Malaysian Time