Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.: Milosc od pierwszego wejrzenia :.

Love at first sight.

Do people believe in that?

*it is another rainy day and the topic sort of came out of the blue. Downpour lasted for less than 2 hours and I came out feeling rather groggy instead of rejuvenated.*

Continuation ... I do know that there are people that believe in it. Growing up watching Disney classics had in a way introduced me to the concept of "love at first sight", "forever love" and "happily ever after". *i have a sudden distasteful urge to barf my guts out ...* Perhaps, they too have grown up watching such movies as well.

As for me, honestly ... I am not a firm believer. Possibly because it has not happened to me yet. Or it has but I am simply slow to notice it. *i seriously do not have a clue and goes completely blind when it comes to noticing such things ... *

Even so, I do believe that fairytales and castles in the sky basically exist whenever the flight of imagination goes hand in hand with the will to work towards it. *naturally, if heaven permits* ^^

Now for a casual stroll under the alameda.
7.35am Malaysian Time

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