Thursday, July 3, 2008

.: Pianissimo :.

Akin to a touch of cotton candy.

Recently, I came across this term "A gentleness to die for" and I can't help but relate it to my dad. There is not a slight tinge of misanthropy in him. Although in my previous posts, I had a propensity to highlight my mum more often but I dare say that the person that makes the most impact in my life is definitely my dad. *am not pulling your leg ... trust me ... my family ... extended included have reached to a consensus on this*

My dad doesn't talk much. He minds his own business. Detests bickering. Adores football. *GOAL!* At one time, I even got hooked to football all because of him. *It all began during the world cup 2002* Thanks to him, I can comprehend at least 50% of the football lingo. Nonetheless, my football fad days are long gone. Up till now, I still can't understand the beauty of football other than getting a kick of perceiving 22 guys running after a ball and get hurt while doing so. *sentiments of a sadistic being ... a knack for sarcasm ... perhaps that is my forte? Very unlikely ...*

Likewise to Mother's Day. My family does not celebrate Father's Day. Irregardless, I want to wish others:


*better late than never*

Here's my dad. Smile!

2.43pm Malaysian Time

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