Monday, June 30, 2008

.: A walk in the park :.

And a stroll in my life.

Friday. Another day of exploring the city. Went to Bank of China *I did.* Then to the Chinese temple nearby *it was closed* And walked all the way to KLCC. It's not that far but I did break a sweat. all because of the scorching heat. *that's Malaysian weather conditions for you... gotta love it* I wasn't in the disposition to emulate first time day-trippers to Malaysia thus explains why I didn't take any photos of the surroundings.

The picture above was essentially taken at Country Heights, taken months back. A bit outdated. But it emits a surreal atmosphere. Haven't been having that for quite some time. *which reminds me... I have to make it a point to go home one of these days...*

Owh, so I had finally come clean with my decision and I'm relieved to declare that all that is well, ends well. ^^ There are still a few hiccups nevertheless, everything has turned out for the best and I'm truly grateful for it. A friend of mine once told me to always aim for the stars. I'm not good at aiming plus I don't have a near to 20/20 vision. And why do you want to shoot at massive exploding balls of hydrogen and helium? *do you detect the mockery?* Yet I always thought that even if I miss the stars, at least I made it a point to try and that shall suffice. *it's always a 'thrill' to 'pop' someone's gas*

So this entry is basically a bit of everything. From my escapade to uhh... gas? Haha! *sorry, the side effects are kicking in...*

"My life is a battle." --- Voltaire
12noon Malaysian Time

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