Sunday, June 1, 2008

.: Dreary sunday :.

Writer's block.

I'm leaving ... on a jet plane ...

A new-fangled fad? Not exactly. After a hectic and arduous day yesterday, I anticipated a day of complete chilling out and ultimate idleness. Much to my dismay, the kick only lasted for 2 hours. ~Gya...!!! Clearly, I am still engulfed in weariness.

It is so much easier to walk away from a hurtful past than to confront the issues,. But we cannot remove the past from our hearts - it is there to stay. And the only hope for true peace with the past is to face it at its worst, to seek to forgive, to be forgiven, to make amends and to be reconciled.

Stephen Arterburn


Time for a siesta... pronto!
3.35pm Malaysian Time

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