Monday, June 23, 2008

.: Dazed and confused :.


One paragraph. Yet again, indecisiveness got the best of me. Haven't always taken a liking to making decisions. Without a doubt, I had my conclusion. Thing is, something cropped up, my mind goes into the information overdrive mode and I am deliberating on the whole situation again. Under this circumstance, I would love to cut loose instead of being in a state of utmost anxiety. Spare me the prep talk. I had tonnes of it over the weekend.

One sentence. My mind is totally messed up.

One word. Blah. *uhh... is that a word to begin with?* Perhaps 'Crap' is more likely.

"You think too much" ... what can I say. It's written all over me. Crap.

I'll sleep on it.
2.17pm Malaysian Time


Anonymous said...

Pray on it also, and the right course will be opened to your heart, when you get out of the way and let God decide.

Ya Haqq!

Hajar Alwi said...

Thank you Irving. My options have narrowed down to 2 now. Insya Allah, it'll turn out right.