Wednesday, June 4, 2008

.: السلام عليكم :.

Peace be upon you.

I've been quite busy lately, thus explains my hiatus from the blogging world. Setting that aside, I haven't been writing Jawi for a long long time. I was rendered speechless when one of my friends asked whether I can translate a name in Jawi. Taking it as a challenge, tara! Looks like I still have the knack for it. ^^ I'm sure my mum will be flabbergasted to know that I still have it in me. *shocking!*

Reading and writing is not a problem. Understanding the language, in this sense Arabic is a totally different issue. A basic comprehension goes back to when I was in primary school thereby I have failed to comprehend over the years due to my lack of diligence. *shame on me ...*

Needless to say, bits and pieces are needed to assemble the puzzle. The sine qua non is that you ultimately have to start from somewhere, or scratch and that to know something is better than knowing nothing.

This is me. In Arabic & Jawi.

سيتي حجر فاطمة علوي


2.36pm Malaysian Time

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