Thursday, June 12, 2008

.: Three am :.


Slept rather early today. Only to wake up abruptly. Nothing unusual.

Nit is up and running about. Sheepishly putting on that playful act of hers so that I'll give her a treat. *which I succumbed to ... I'm weak ... haha!* Lately, I've been feeding her by hand coz she hasn't been eating right ever since the demise of her sister. But she's slowly recovering from it. No rush. ^^

The doctor said that she's one of the causes for my allergies to act up. As if I'll let that stop me from keeping her. By all means, I choose to force those ghastly medication down my throat and endure the allergic reactions than to let her go. Period.

Am I being silly?

4.27am Malaysian Time

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