Friday, June 13, 2008

.: Irving Karchmar :.

Poet, Writer, Editor and a Darvish.

In all honesty, I've always been fond of proverbs, quotes and poems. Used to have an anthology of my self written pieces stashed somewhere at home. These days, I hardly have the muse to pen my own. *this is NOT a fib*

By some means, I stumbled into Irving Karchmar's blog and was instantaneously taken by his delicate poetry creations. To describe his prose would be he has the prowess to magically weave the
beautiful emotions to create profound poetry. And I am particularly fond of this piece.

Love’s Caravan

Why all this talk of buying and selling?
What you need is already inside you.

Love’s caravan is ready to depart, O merchant,
The camels are laden with treasures untold

Come! Bargains are to be found on the Way.
All you possess in exchange for nothingness.

Sell all you have in the world’s marketplace
In exchange, receive only the love of the Friend.

Earthly jewels are but shining baubles
His jewels are the stars without end

Tarry no longer, the blessed sun rises!
This is the hour when travelers depart

Alhamdulillah! A thousand surprises
Await on the path of the Heart.

- Irving Karchmar, August 2007

Loads of gratitude goes to Irving for allowing me to feature it.

Do you fancy a ride?

8.22pm Malaysian Time

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