Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.: Masjid At-Taqwa :.

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI).

A quick look at my feeds and I noticed that I haven't been posting any new post under the "Mosque" label. Thus I dug through my image files and found some of these. These images were taken in Ramadhan, where a handful of friends and I decided to have our iftar at TTDI, and while waiting for them, I decided to perform my Asr prayers here.

In the middle picture there were a group of boys learning the recitation of the noble Quran. As I didn't want to bother them in their studies, I took the picture from another angle and made sure I didn't have any flash on. I like how the mosque incorporates natural lighting, the maze-like walkways and the building nearby with the bookstore, zakat office, mini-canteen, etc.

PS :: The image in the "Crypting Passages" post is the walkway towards the women's ablution area.

Still feeling unwell.
2.08pm Malaysian Time

Thursday, September 15, 2011

.: Disintegrated presence :.

The actual reality.

When I was working in the education industry;

We often listen to the words being spoken, yet we interpret those words in its literal context based on our pre-defined personal opinions, which may at times be judgmental, tenacious views. In that process we eventually fail to grasp what people are trying to convey.

Thus, before we stop people in their tracks, give a thought on the underlying issues that made people utter such words. Listen to their behaviours. Listen to their facial expressions and body gestures. Listen to the things they conceal or have difficulties in voicing out. Listen not solely by using your ears, but include your mind and your heart to it. Strive to listen to the words which are not being uttered. Strive to empathize. Only then, speak.

Going home soon. :)
5.26pm Malaysian Time

Monday, September 5, 2011

.: Manifested adaptation :.

Scattered interference.

Brother :: Why are you learning Mandarin from the language centre? Are we not Chinese enough? You can learn from us. As a bonus, we will throw in Cantonese and Hakka lessons. We may even throw in Hokkien lessons if you behave.

There has been a change of priorities, and since I haven't been able to commit myself to learning Mandarin from the language centre, I have decided to halt my studies there.
Ties made aren't easily broken. I will definitely miss my classmates, and the staff, but we came to a consensus that we will make it a point to meet up elsewhere for tea-drinking and bonding sessions.

Presently I suppose it is back to self-study for me and possibly learning from my Chinese-educated brothers and sisters.

Sister :: Let her get used to the Cantonese and Hokkien sounds. Later on it will come naturally for her.

Should I be scared?
4.17pm Malaysian Time