Thursday, July 24, 2008

.: Colours of the heart :.


One of my all time favourite songs. For the otakus, you may be familiar with it since it's the third opening title song for Blood+. *ehh... I may be wrong in the sequence but I am darn right on the anime.*

The verse that struck me the most is:

「願い続ける想い いつか色づくよ」
"Thoughts filled with wishes will one day create colours"

Something to ponder about since the older we become, the closer we get to reality and the further we are from the fantasy realm. I always thought that sometimes it's good to have your head high up in the clouds and add a bit of colour in your life. It surely beats having all that grey, dull and gloomy clouds hovering above you.

Hence, what is the color of your heart?
5.31pm Malaysian Time

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