Sunday, April 24, 2016

.: Foreign blood :.

Alternate view.

Lately, news about people's perception of foreigners kept on appearing on my Facebook news feeds. Either there is a surge in locals versus foreigners attitudes that I am absolutely oblivious of or this is an indication that I ought to micromanage my feeds list.    

The same old arguments appeared. 
  • Bashing another country's countrymen. 
  • Foreigners taking the jobs of locals. 
  • Locals exhibiting holier-than-thou attitudes. 

Ironically, the old arguments versus the "all Muslims are terrorists" statement in my opinion are almost on equal levels. Equal in the sense all are made as sweeping blanket statements. A tit for a tat maybe?

Now then, if we were to delve in the Qur'an, mankind was created from different tribes to get to know one another. No particular race is superior than the other. The only superiority in the sight of the AlMighty is taqwa. 

Yet some still say hurtful things and stereotype certain people.

I cringe with the thought of that one fine day when we will be held accountable for our acts. 

A reminder to myself, foremost;

If one has nothing good to say, keep silent.

Because a hurtful word uttered, can never be retracted.

And the hurt, oftentimes, remains. 
8.05pm, Malaysian Time

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