Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Brother Ikhwan wrote a blog entry relating his experience at PERKIM HQ; [A Trip to PERKIM HQ], where he also posted some images of the Islamic reading materials he obtained while he was there.

As I have a small collection of my own written in Chinese, I felt called upon to share it here particularly to my Chinese Muslim friends since I've heard it's not easy for them to get it. Some of these books were published in Malaysia while others were brought over from China, Singapore and Turkey.

If anyone wants to read any of this, I'm not too sure whether I can purchase/source the overseas publications since it was gifted to me some time ago. However, I am willing to lend, photocopy or scan the contents for you. Should you require additional reading materials, I can try asking friends in PERKIM and MACMA.

Sharing knowledge.
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TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar. Thanks for haring this. Im sure many cn benefit from this material. InsyAllah..maybe I should do the same as I have some materials.

How are u sis? hope evrything is fine InsyaAllah.=)

so sorry that its been a while since I last checekd on you. so many things came up.

Ikhwan Ng said...


There's few books looks interesting for me! Yes it's very hard to get chinese translation islamic book nowadays. I wonder is it because there's very few people would buy it? Or it may cause religion conflict?

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Brother Ikhwan, I dont think so. I believe many ppl are intersted to buy them. Maybe, not so many ppl prefer to write in chinese I guess ?
Easy.. just name how many chinese muslims writing any book in mandarin? Difficult to find isn't it.

That's why we need ppl like you insyaAllah =)

Religious conflict ?nope, I dont think so akh

Hajar Alwi said...

TheHumbleWayfarer :: Wa'alaikum'as'salam. I hope so. :)

Alhamdulillah. I'm good. Just busier than before. Which reminds me, I haven't replied to your mail yet. So sorry. :(

I'll try to find time soon, Insha'Allah.

Ikhwan Ng :: Wa'alaikum'as'salam. Awesome! Just drop me a msg on which one you'd like to read.

IMHO, the demand is there but we're lacking in the supply area.

TheHumbleWayfarer :: True. I haven't found any Malaysian Chinese Muslims writing books in Chinese, maybe except for Mr. Ann Wan Seng. I know he writes in Malay.

I once asked a Chinese Muslim friend why doesn't he try writing since he has the knowledge. His reason was, he wasn't good at writing and he was afraid people wouldn't comprehend. However, he once asked us to collaborate as in; he provides the knowledge, and I'll write. We're still in the early stages of planning things though.

Anyway, it'll be good if more people can write/publish or import these materials from other countries.