Monday, March 30, 2009

.: Trogglehumper :.

The talk that changed everything.

Why won’t you understand? From the day you were born till the day you get married, you are our responsibility...

Because from the day I was born, I’ve made you my responsibility for life...

Around the age of 5, I used to get nightmares whereby God took my parents away. The scenes were so vivid that each time I woke up, I’ll be in tears, trembling, literally shocked and start praying to God to give me more time with them.

These days, I’m beginning to have the nightmares again. It made me think. Just until when can God keep them alive for me? One way or the other, there will come a time when one of us has to go.

Yesterday, I took a good look at the both of them. Why haven’t I noticed the clumps of white hair sprouting from dad's scalp? How is it possible that I failed to detect mum's aging lines? Was it because they kept it hidden away? Behind the smiles, the laughter, which clouded my vision?

Hence, how much time do I have left with them? When the time comes, will I be able to deal with it? I may have prepared myself for it; however is the faith that I have strong enough to overcome it? Or will it be too overpowering that I may submit to the path of timeless lunacy?

Unlike you, our time is nearing. You still have a long journey to go...

The little time that you have means the whole world to me. I wouldn’t have a journey to begin with if it weren’t for you. This is my journey. You are a part of my journey...

“Oh no!” he cried. “Oh mince my maggots! Oh swipe my swoggles!”

“What’s the matter?” Sophie asked.

“It’s a trogglehumper!” he shouted. His voice was filled with fury and anguish. “Oh, save our solos!” he cried. “Deliver us from weasels! The devil is dancing on my dibbler!”

The BFG, Roald Dahl

In quest of the golden phizzwizards.
10.33am Malaysian Time


nadia said...

MashaAllah, very well-written, Sis. May Allah give us the patience when that time comes. Only He can give us strength at such difficult time.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog, Sis. I hope to get to know you more, InshaAllah.

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Life is so short. For this reason, cherish every precious minute you have with them!
The grief of loss is unspeakable, but it will be your memories of the wonderful times you shared with them that will sustain you, and the hope that you will see them again on "the other side."

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuh

Hahaha @ your BFG quote *big grin*

Sorry.. I have nothing intelligent to say about everything before that. It's one of those huge things that are out of our control, so rather than dwell on it (and sink into a big black hole of despair).. just enjoy the time you have together.

Love Farhana

Hajar Alwi said...

Nadia :: Thanks. ^^ I sincerely hope so. :)

And thanks for returning the visit. In case my comment didn't go through, as a matter of fact, I do make my own chili paste. Bless my dear mum for cooping me in the kitchen grinding the blasted chilies when I was less than a waist's tall. I didn't complain as she had the telly showing cartoons. Scheming, she is. :) Nice to meet your acquaintance, and most definitely would like to know more of you. ^^ Btw, I pass similar comments as your brother when the food prepared is not enough. LoL~

Hajar Zamzam Ismail :: Yes. Hearing you loud and clear sis. ^^

Singamaraja :: Uhh ... thanks?

Sketched Soul :: Wa'alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh dearest Farhana.

Told ya I need a BFG of my own! Send me one! Send me one! *does the whole spoilt bratty kid screech, thumpings on the floor* Haha~!

Precisely. :)