Sunday, October 11, 2020

.: Reclaim Your Life :.


The book 'Reclaim Your Heart' by Yasmin Mogahed sits on my table. It has been there for days, weeks at stretch. Left untouched, just seen from a distance.

Why haven't I read it? I left it there with the intention to peruse through the pages. To gather the gems. To harness the profound meaning behind every sentence, every page. 

Yet, it stays there. The only thing that touches the book is dust. 

Many things had happened in the last few months. Life-changing events. Moments where I never thought I would ever experience. Times when I felt like no words can ever express the inner turmoil. 

And there were times. Times when I felt like the impossible kept happening. That there's always hope. There's always somebody looking after me. Someone who always has my back. Someone who stops me from sinking deeper. Someone, that someone,  is ever persistent in protecting me. 




And as I learn to crawl back into my life. To resume some kind of normalcy. 

As I look for ways to reclaim a better version of myself, I stumbled upon Yasmin Mogahed's book and kept it on the table for as long as I can remember.


Not because I am afraid. Rather, I want to learn how to walk. I want to run again. 

From Him.

And I want to learn to reclaim my heart through His book.

May Allah ease, ameen.

7.41pm, Malaysian Time

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