Tuesday, January 29, 2008

.: Taking a breather :.

Quintessence of a bowled over individual.

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I'm back at work and 3 weeks from the time I came back from my pilgrimage. In fact, I had a journal of the events there. Mostly things that touched my heart. Then there are the photos taken by my uncle. Didn't manage to take any shots of my own as we didn't bring the camera. Besides, I could have ended up taking loads of photos of basically anything in sight and that definitely defies the purpose of me being there in the first place. *touché*

Eventually, I thought of blogging about it. Honestly, I'm not gonna blog about everything. Just bits and pieces of the photos and perhaps some information on it. Sure, I have a semi-existent or partially defunct blog at Friendster albeit I figure it's better if I start a new one to mark the new beginnings in my life. Not that I'll be embarking on any newfound objectives anytime sooner but truth to be told, I have in fact set my sights on a few things here and there. While I'm at it, the picture above is my sisters' impression of Rodins' 'Le Penseur' aka 'The Thinker' at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah. *pun intended* It was our last day in Saudi Arabia and we were waiting to alight the flight back to KLIA. In the picture as well is my mum and aunt. Being the uber camera shy person that I am, please do not take notice of my back.

:: Mina :: Muzdalifah -tsk tsk- :: Arafah ::

The second image was taken in Muzdalifah. -memory... all alone in the moonlight... i can smile at the old days... i was beautiful then *i'm being modest here* i remember the time i knew what happiness was... let the memory live again...- *pompous cats brandishing their struts... shrugs* Let's just skip the details on that. Thy memory shall remain only for muah! *snickers... haha!*

To describe the situation then is beyond words. Hitherto, I'm still very much dumbfounded by the pilgrimage. There were times when things seemed to be so clear-cut yet there are times when things appeared to be above all purely impossible. One way or another, everything always manage to turn out right. I constantly feel blessed that come what may, there are always kind and beautiful souls that extended their assistance to all of us. Presumably, I reckon that is just one of the many miracles that I encounter during the Hajj. Taken together, I sincerely believe that a smile really does go a long way and am gratified by the kindness and earnestness that was bequeathed on me. Truly thankful.

Throughout the journey, I was fortunate enough to meet new acquaintances in addition to experiencing bewildering occurrences. Life is indeed a voyage of never ending learning experiences. I can vouch on that. Despite the fact that the de facto happenings involve both the negative and positive, I tend to look more towards the positive side and brush aside the negative ones. Little as I may, I try to view life in a more optimistic way and in due time; learn to be a little more compromising and serene. Such I suppose is the esprit de corps portrayed by my family, metaphorically.

In all honesty, a part of me wish to remain there. Isn't that ironic?

Note: *seriously have to brush up on my grammar & vocab skills. Been making blunders here and there.*

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