Tuesday, September 29, 2009

.: Other side :.

Of Malaysia.

The bulk load of my Life postings center on the uniqueness of Malaysia. Considering I’ve called Malaysia home for the last 20 years or so I am still very much intrigued with the diversity, a rich melting pot of cultures lumped into one. I have had several bad experiences, when after coming into terms with it, I figured that it is an essential part of life. In short, I deem that my life with the occasional hiccups has been good alright.

Albeit, there are certain things that I still can’t stomach. By all means, the following points are practiced only by a selective few. Base on my travels, these things do happen in other places.
  • Spitting :: I detest spitters. Every time I see spit, or someone spitting, I feel like pushing the person, face-down to their spit.
  • Littering :: I despise litterbugs too. I feel like hurling them into the dumpsters.
  • Unleashed or stray dogs :: I’ve been chased by one too many. Even though I manage to outrun them, it irritates me having to make the run of my life. My youth is losing its hold, and the stamina is nearly at its brink of extinction. Also I was never a sportsperson to begin with.
Just a handful of the things I’m unable to tolerate. I have read that spitting is in fact a culture to some people. Therefore, in my pursuit to gain further understanding of other people’s cultures, I suppose it’d take me years before I can accept this unique trait.

What are your pet peeves?
2.45pm Malaysian Time


Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

1. Spitting with noise effects
2. Nose bowling without tissue(propulsion style)
3. dogs sniffing my you know where region while owner looks on
4. cell phones in movie theaters and quiet restaurants

Ms.Unique said...

1. All that you've mentioned; plus
2. Ringing mobiles @ masjid and Haram, especially having Music.
3. Injustice of any kind to any people.
4. Toileting on the roads! yeah you read that right, I've seen it in India :s

Hajar Alwi said...

Jeanne-ming :: No. 2 actually cracks me up. :)

Ms.Unique :: Toileting??? For real? As in adults??? O.o ...