Saturday, October 17, 2009

.: Deepavali :.

Or Diwali.

Wishing everyone a blessed Festival of Lights!

Photos of chicken tikka and chicken something tikka courtesy of Al-Karim restaurant, New Delhi, India.

They and another Pakistani guy were kind enough to allow me to snap some quick shots of these delightful skewered chicken pieces. Malaysians may have to wait another year before they make their 2nd visit. At least, that was what I was told. Or that was what I understood. *haha~* There's no point in cross-checking with my sister since she couldn't make any heads or tails of what they had said. I extend my gracious thanks to my former colleagues from India. Because of you guys, I can actually understand their thick Indian accent.  

Note :: Don't ask me which is which. I have clearly forgotten as I was too focused in trying to snag the recipe from the Pakistani guy. haha~ Anyone care to shed some light?

Another holiday. :)
8.08am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

LOL ... nice ... yeah chicken tikka or chicken sheekh tikka ;) hope that's what he said ... we also call them chicken tikka kebabs and also chicken sheekh kababs or just sheekh kababs ... ok now u've got a variety of names :)

nadia said...

Hey Sis, it's crazy here in Mumbai tonight. There has been NON-STOP fireworks for the past 48 hours! The streets are all lit-up with colorful lights and lanterns.

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique :: He mentioned chicken, tikka and kababs. So uhh ... which is which? LoL:~

Nadia :: Ironically, we're still having fireworks here ... I thought the celebrations were over. :S