Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.: 想要的回忆 :.

Desired memories.

Our room faced
the lake at Taylor's University College Lakeside campus in Petaling Jaya. There was just enough space for me to sit at the window of our room at Ruemz hotel, the perfect place for me to browse through my AlMaghrib class notes. Once in a while I will glance over at the sisters and join in the conversations, speaking as though we have known each other for ages when in actual fact, it was just the week before we became acquainted to one another.

It was that very week, in the afternoon, when one of the sisters came up to me and said;

I know we are supposed to do this solely for the sake of Allah, for the sake of our Lord, but I cannot help but feel that after we try so hard to assist the people as much as we can, we just end up feeling unappreciated. How do I overcome this feeling?

I smiled at her and responded with;

What we have to go through, is nothing as compared to what the Prophet had to go through. How did the Prophet feel when he tried so hard to give them the truth, yet they chose to hurt him instead? What did he do to overcome that? Remember our purpose. We are here to sincerely assist people, and by doing so, we hope to have our deeds recognised and accepted by Allah, Allah alone and not by someone else. Keep that in mind. :)

Soon after, I gave her a hug and we resumed our designated tasks. Later in the evening, the same sister came up to me saying she needed to tell me something. She hesitated for a while, tried to utter a few words, stuttered something somewhere in the middle, and I was still there, waiting anxiously for her to get it off her system. When it eventually came out, it just made the wait all the more worthwhile.

I love you for the sake of Allah sis. I really really do. May Allah reward you for helping me out earlier. :)

Despite being tremendously tired and weary after a long day at Taylor's, her words, and her hug gave me the last bit of strength to say;

I love you for the sake of Allah too sis. If you ever catch me having one of those low moments, please remind me too. :)

9.45pm Malaysian Time


Atie said...

The post is so meaningful, it touches my heart. It lifts up the fighting spirit in me so that I will not give up just yet. Thanks, sis. I really, really appreciate it.

By the way, thanks also for the raya card you sent me. I am so sorry, I did not get the chance to repay your kindness. But as usual, you are always in my duas. Take care sis. May Allah grant you Al-Jannah, Insya-Allah.

Hajar Alwi said...

Dearest Sis Ati :: Haven't heard from you for so long!!! Jazakillahu khair for the awesome du'a! May Allah unite us in jannahtul firdaus ya! :D

Ms.Unique said...

Awww Masha Allah that was just so touching :) ... A Big Cyber Hug from Me too :D

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms.Unique :: Aww~ tabarak'Allah!