Monday, March 12, 2012

.: Stifling smog :.


As I flipped through the pages of my organiser, straining my eyes to read the tiny little scribbles, I questioned myself over and over again ...

Whenever people look up to me for knowledge, had I been truthful and courteous in responding to them?

Whenever people seek help from me, had I been sincere and humble in helping them to the best of my ability?

Whenever people speak good of me, had I been doing all the good all this while merely to seek their pleasure and to gain praises from them?

And the most daunting question that lingers in my mind is ...

In my attempt to attain Gods' forgiveness, love and mercy by accumulating good deeds, as investments to book and secure my ticket to heaven, have I at my own expense edge an inch closer to claiming my ticket to hellfire?

Fear has crept into me.
12.19noon Malaysian Time.

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