Wednesday, May 2, 2012

.: カビゴン :.

The sleeping Pokemon.

For the benefit of everyone who happens to cross this part of the blogging sphere, despite my seemingly extended absence, I have not decided to go into hibernation mode, at least not just yet. There has been numerous changes in this path I affectionately call life, and it revolves around work transitions and adjustments, mostly. For the latter, I am still very much alive, a little sluggish here and there and still as boring and geekish as ever. 

About time I wake up.
2.27pm Malaysian Time


Atie said...

Welcome back, sis. Been missing you.

Sketched Soul said...

LOL Hajar
.... well at least we know you have a live *grin*... I'll check by now and again to see what you're upto

Hajar Alwi said...

Ati :: Miss you too sis. :)

Sketched Soul :: What is this life you are referring to? *grin*