Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.: A soluble myth :.


Keeping mum on the many issues that penetrate through the mind. Do not be swayed. Do not be dismayed. For every circumstance, under every situation, there is bound to be a logical explanation. There is substance, despite not having the ability to fully comprehend it. This is the reality. Not all that seems to be, is the real existence of things. 

At times, the mind is even led to place full trust on the vague dream-scape. Entangled in the web. Not knowing where to begin. The search for an ounce of truth. As life goes on, the mind weaves its thoughts. Threading carefully so as to not be shredded by the crimson ripples that exist in the darkened chambers. The tear is there. Being stretched every now and then. A path that is less traveled. Press on.

Press on for dear life. 
5.09pm Malaysian Time


Al-Manar said...

A path that is less traveled. Your David Frost way of thinking is reflected heavily through your posting. Well done. I wonder how on earth through the blogsphere I descended here. I may turn up again throwing some nasty remarks.

Hajar Alwi said...

Al-Manar :: By all means, fire away. :)