Tuesday, January 20, 2015

.: Journey of Faith P3 :.

Final share.

May it be beneficial to you and your loved ones:

  1. Surah Al-Fatihah is a dua.
  2. You are having a beautiful dialogue with Allah when you recite Surah Al-Fatihah. So don't rush into it. Savour the moment. 
  3. As long as your dua is not a sin, it will be answered. Allah is All Hearing. 
  4. Surah An-Nur talks about modesty and chastity but in the middle of the surah, Allah said that He is The Light of the sky. The light of Allah can be attained by being modest and guarding your chastity. 
  5. Only in Surah As-Saffaat that Allah did not mention the west after mentioning the east. That is because Allah is talking about the rise of Islam and that it will never stop rising. There is no mention of the west since it is the side where the sun sets. 
  6. Wisdom is to put things at the right time and its rightful place.
  7. The problem with da'wah and educating Islam now is that people only hear it but do not see it. We must put Islam into practice! 
  8. Your akhirah begins once you die.
  9. Sleep is the minor death. Sleep should make us reflect on death. The dream that we have is different from one another and the emotion in it is physical. The effect of it is also physical. Just like whatever we will experience in the grave is physical. 
  10. Reflect on the seed, how it can grow back when planted in earth even if it is a hundred years old. We will also sprout back from our death from the end bone of our backbone. 
  11. When you believe in the hereafter, it will make you strong, motivate you to strive for goodness and stay away from sins.
  12. If you are conscious of the hereafter, no disturbance will bother you.
  13. Just because Allah knows everything, it doesn't mean that He doesn't give us choices. He knows what will happen and if things were to be done differently, than how it will be. 
  14. The choice is ours. You can't blaim the qadr for your actions. 
  15. You can't claim that you love someone for the sake of Allah if you don't make dua for them.
  16. Give rights to your body/health, to your family and to Allah. Balance it all. Politely decline to people's request in order to follow your schedule. 
  17. Seek 70 excuses for your brother and sister when you are in doubt. Shaytaan will always make the situation seems worse than what it really is.  
  18. Say good or remain silent. If you have an opinion, it doesn't mean that you have to say it. 
  19. Statistically, there are only 1% harsh people but we always make it seem like it is 50%. 
  20. The brotherhood in faith is stronger than in blood.
  21. When you are merciful to each other, Allah will be merciful to you.
  22. Make dua for orhers, you will get it too.
  23. When you love your brother or sister, tell her. Brother to brother. Sister to sister.
  24. Your love to someone should be proportional to their closeness to Allah. But for the sinners, you must still love and make dua for hidayah and goodness for them. Hate the sin, not the sinner. 
  25. Do not mock people. Are you making fun of the creations and the Creator? 
  26. Everyone deserves to get knowledge. Share it! 
  27. Learn one thing of everything. Learn everything of one thing. 
  28. Seek your afterlife but do not forget about your share in this dunya 
  29. When you ask something from the dunya, tie it with the akhirah. Eg: ask for provision so that you can spend in the way of Allah. 
  30. You can have dunya in your hand but dunya should not have you in its hand. 
  31. Shaytan will always trick you with the "all or nothing" trick. So you will not do good deeds if you don't have at least an hour of free time.  
  32. Consistent small deeds do make difference in your life. 
  33. Prioritize your goals. Write down what you need to do. 
  34. Get good companies. Surround yourself with those who will remind you of Allah.
  35. True friends are those who want you to enter Jannah. 
If time stood still.
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