Friday, February 13, 2015

.: Path to Justice P2 :.

Tariq Ramadan.

Selected quotes that I had paraphrased from attending his talk:
  1. Living your life with principles means living for God.
  2. We are critical of others but how is the quality of our life? Do we live by our principles? Do we struggle?
  3. An evil word is like a tree with bad roots. What are the roots? Our heart. The roots are invisible but the roots show the strength of the tree. It is quality and stability.
  4. If your roots are strong, and your mind is clear, you will not be bothered by others because you are strong within. Otherwise you become an object of perception, and you strive to please others, follow them and inclined to be weak.
  5. Be serious in educating our hearts. Construct yourself with spiritual preparation to counter the threats to come.
  6. Isolate yourself not from the people but isolate yourself from the lack of principles of the people. Isolation from the world is isolation from illusions.
  7. Quality is missing. There are means for you to become better. Find it. Reconcile yourself with the mending of your life. This is it. Begin with yourself. Change your life. Be committed.
  8. They know Islam is a good religion. But where are the great Muslims? What do you do to be a dignified person?
  9. There are rules we must abide and respect.
  10. If you watch the telly and become more stupid, you have been colonised. Read, read, and read. Be careful with the internet. Being stupid is your choice. Read and respond. Add knowledge to knowledge.
  11. Many of us repeat without understanding. Love is not about taking everything. Love in Islam is critical love. I love you but I have a question.
  12. Regarding the Dalai Lama. Anyone disciplined has something to teach you. You may not believe his beliefs, but he is a dignified individual and deserves our respect.
  13. You have to be serious with your interactions with the people. It strengthens your principles.
  14. Liberate Islam from the cultural dress. There are cultures that are biased towards women. That is wrong. There are cultures that champion another race. That is wrong.
  15. We are a nation of clarity, not a confused lot.
  16. Challenge our culture. Many are Muslims by culture, we should be Muslims by principles.
  17. We are self-colonised by corruption. Stop blaming the west for colonisation. Stop complaining.
  18. As a community, stop being defensive and apologetic. Be assertive, confident and have trust.
  19. Stop having a distorted mindset. No generalisation. Challenge the reality. Be critical. Because we want to be aware. It is essential.
  20. You may be Muslims but you must always be on the side of the oppressed. Have courage, not the lack of it.
  21. Take care of myself, isolate to have time for myself and to look at the fine details in my life.
  22. Are you an added presence or value in your neighbourhood? Start now.
May it benefit others, ameen.
2.12pm, Malaysian Time

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