Sunday, March 1, 2015

.: Marriage Conference P2 :.

A wedding. 

That was how the hall looked like from inside. Everything looked splendid, the lectures were great, the speakers were masha'Allah tabarak'Allah, passionate and full of energy. However, I felt something was amiss. And for some odd reason, I felt I had to be elsewhere. 

It was probably during the third lecture when I decided to leave the hall to grab a cup of coffee. Instead of heading back to the hall, I found myself in the Mother's Room. Surprisingly, I was at ease. I found peace and tranquility. And as insane as it may sound, I felt I belonged there. 

Yes. Of all places, I felt I belonged in the Mother's Room.

I suppose, after being involved with children in previous seminars, I may have gotten used to the chaotic ruckus normally associated with them. 

Queer conclusion. 

Moving along, I would like to share some of the input I got from the conference. May it benefit you in one way or another, ameen.
  1. The Five As in a relationship: Affection, Attention, Acceptance, Affirmation, Acknowledgement
  2. The way you see the world is how you are educated at home. You are the product of your life experiences. 
  3. Find time to engage, to communicate, to celebrate the love. 
  4. Men in superficial relationships: Thinking that the grass is greener at the other side, but once you are there, you will realise there's only sand. 
  5. There is human capacity to forgive. Marriage is worth it. 
  6. Love is about sacrifice. Have mercy. 
  7. Prevent jealousy. Spend on useful parts of social media. Distance yourself. Redirect to Islamic context. 
  8. Have a clear focus of life. Know what really matters and do not be swayed by the glitter of dunya. Focus the heart. Ask Allah to cure us and to put things back into perspective. 
  9. Some people show a photoshopped version of their lives. Get real. Have a deep understanding of life and what it means to be human. 
  10. How to control own displeasure and judging people: Be more emphatic. Mind your own weaknesses. Their perspective may be different. Be compassionate. 
  11. Women feel insecure. You must always tell them you love them. Re-assure them. 
  12. Languages used to express love: Man is more physical. Woman is more emotional and psychological. 
  13. When you belittle another person, when you make others feel like you don't value them, you are breaking the person's heart. Never make someone feel worthless, or even fortunate to have you. Make them feel valuable, and you are fortunate to have them. 
  14. We should be complete. If we sense annoyance, we should respond with compassion. 
  15. Love is not extracting so much from the other person and giving back so little. 
  16. At some point in life, you will be miserable. You will disappoint each other. Face the disappointments with something that is pleasing to God.
Being Me is next!
11.01pm, Malaysian Time


Nadia said...

Assalamu Alaikum! How are you? Most of your posts are like riddles (specially compared to my posts that are quite talkative in comparison, haha). But I absolutely love this post!

Hajar Alwi said...

Wa'alaikum'as'salaam wa rahmatullah Sis.

Great to see you here at this end of the blogosphere! :D

Alhamdulillah, I am doing well. lol~ Me and my abstract posts. I love reading your posts too! Gotta love our different styles of writing, eh? :D