Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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Down under.

A few years ago a friend asked some questions about hijab. Being a non-Muslim, she wanted some insight as she was writing the article for her magazine. I had sort of forgotten about it until I stumbled some of my answers while clearing my email. 

Do you practice hijab? Why? What does it mean to you? 
To tell you the truth, I am still trying to practice it. As to what does it mean to me, I believe it represents my conviction to the Islamic faith.
Do you think hijab empower or disempower women? More freedom or less? 
Honestly, the first few years of adorning it made me feel rather restricted. Over the years, however, I came to the realisation that it has empowered me to become a better person. Because the hijab, isn't just a piece of material we place on our head, or use to cover our body. The hijab, in my opinion, helps us to remember that we have to strive to be in the best of character and conduct at all times. 

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