Wednesday, March 6, 2019

.: Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant :.

Where food meets pleasure.

This will be a biased yet genuinely straight from the heart post. 

K's friend, Brother Bao, is the owner and chef of Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Xinjiang-style cuisine, so unlike regular Chinese Muslim restaurants, Brother Bao churns out the most amazing dishes, with Middle Eastern and Chinese influences.

While I do not usually write reviews, I am making this an exception. Mainly because Brother Bao has a delightful personality and despite how busy he is, he always makes time to chat with us each time we come to his restaurant. 

Brother Bao's restaurant has over 30 types of dishes and beverages. 

Here are our top 3 favourites:

Xinjiang Kao Bao

Looks familiar? We sell these at Kaijia too! But we still love the ones sold by Brother Bao. His are generously filled with mutton and onions.

Fried Noodles

K loves this dish to bits that he orders it at almost every visit! The noodles are quite spicy and not heavily drenched in oil. 

Da Pan Ji

Also known as Big Plate Chicken, this bite-sized chicken dish is cooked with a variety of vegetables. Order a side of rice, noodles or bread to go along with it.

Bonus: Niangpi

Once upon a time, we sold these at Kaijia too. These days, whenever we feel like walking down the memory lane, we would order this to share.

Does the restaurant tick all the right boxes?

Tasty dishes? Yes!
Wide variety? Yes!
Reasonable price? Yes!
Generous portions? Yes!
Comfortable setting? Yes!

And they even have a surau. No excuse for missing your prayers!

The only downside? 

Finding a parking spot can be challenging, though that should not deter you from ever going there. The food and ambiance are well worth it.

Restaurant details:

Address: No.20 Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46400, Petaling Jaya
Opens daily: 12PM - 9PM (Fridays, 3PM - 9PM)
Phone number: 010-566 4012

Getting hungry.
9.09pm, Malaysian Time


Nadia said...

Everything looks so good masha'Allah! I wish I could reach out into my screen and grab a plate of that fried noodles.

Hajar Alwi said...

They look good and taste good too! I can never get enough of his food. Maybe that is why we always make a point to visit his place whenever we are in town.